Romancing Saga Re Universe - White Crystal Guide

Guide on White Crystals in Romancing Saga Re Universe, including an overview, steps to obtain, benefits, exchange list, and priority.

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White Crystals

What are White Crystals?

White Crystals are materials that can be exchanged for other useful materials like universal pieces.

How to obtain White Crystals

White Crystals are converted from unwanted style pieces. To start converting spare pieces, check the steps below:

1 Tap menu from the home screen.
2 Go to items.
3 Head to item list.
4 Tap style pieces.
5 Select a piece.
6 Tap exchange.

Exchanging styles

The amount of White Crystals that you get per piece depends on the rarity of the piece. Here is a list of the rarity and conversions:

Rarity Conversion (White Crystals)
SS 100
S 60
A 40

When should I exchange?

Exchange unwanted A or S style pieces.

After playing for a while, you’ll eventually collect many duplicate A and S style pieces. You can opt to liquidate these pieces to White Crystals for a way to strengthen the styles you use by exchanging them for universal pieces.

Aim for level bonuses.

Master level experience value goes up through the style level bonus. Set a goal to raise the cap up to level 34 or level 42.

Style Leveling

Collecting White Crystals

In order to grind for White Crystals, you need to avail of training in the dojo. Investing in training will eventually deplete your NRG. You can replenish it by using items, the most common among them is the Edelweiss. Below is a list of white crystals that can be obtained from training.

Rarity Training time/ piece White Crystals
SS 5 hours/ ~4.8 pieces 480
S 2 hours/ 12 pieces 720
A 1 hour/ 24 pieces 960

Exchange List

The exchange list can be accessed from the menu. Head to the shop on the bottom-right corner and then tap exchange. Scroll down and tap White Crystal to bring the exchange list.

Item Cost Stock
Bronze Piece 400 No limit
Silver Piece 600 1000
Gold Piece 1000 1000
Platinum Summon Ticket 4000 No limit
Stamina Potion (Small) 200 20


Stock up on stamina potions

Stamina potions give more mileage compared to the other exchange items in the sense that ideally you want to have more time to grind quests and events. Aim to invest on 400 white crystals each month to gain more time to work with in completing quests.

Focus on gold pieces

Universal gold pieces come next in priority since these materials are valuable and versatile since you can raise the level cap of any desired SS style.

Don’t focus on the Platinum Summon Tickets

The least recommended exchange reward for White Crystals are the Platinum Summon Tickets. While there is no limit to how much you can obtain, treat them as a luxury more than a necessity.

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