Romancing Saga Re Universe - Dojo Guide

Guide on Dojo in Romancing Sage Re Universe. Included are ways on strengthening units and the recommended method to strengthen them.

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Dojo Guide

There are a number of methods to raise the performance of your units. Among them are style enhancement, style level cap, skill awakening, expedition, training, and raising the sub ability level cap.

Style enhancement

Style enhancement requires spending style exp to have your unit reach the next style level. Raising the style level gives the chosen unit some boost in stats and abilities.

Raising the style level cap

Style level starts at a low ceiling. However, you can increase the level cap of your unit’s style level by using pieces.

Skill awakening

Awakening the unit’s skill lowers the amount of BP it spends in battle. Having lower BP paves the way for shorter clear times for campaigns and missions since you can keep using skills that much faster. You’ll need to use books and crystals to decrease BP.


By taking on expeditions, you can raise the unit’s ability level and receive style exp. Clearing expeditions allows your units to gain stat boosts which help them pick up the pace.


Complete training to receive pieces. While training requires spending stamina, you can use items to instantly refill it if your current stamina is not enough for the mission. When choosing styles, focus on training the style that you’re most comfortable with. In other words, train the style that you often use in combat.

Raising the sub ability level cap

Another way to strengthen your units is to unlock the sub ability level cap. After you get the sub ability, you can receive bonus stats from it. Similar to the focus in training, focus on raising the sub ability level cap for units that you tend to use.

List of Dojo missions in order of priority

Take on Expedition and Training

Among the dojo missions, expedition and training should take priority since they have strict deadlines. Expedition helps raise the ability level, style exp as well as reward equipment enhancing materials. Whereas, clearing Training rewards you with pieces.

Style enhancement

After completing the above missions, you can proceed to style enhancement. Style serves as the building block for strengthening units. Unlike the above missions, you can use this option as many times as you want.

Sub ability level enhancement

Another dojo mission to prioritize is raising the unit’s sub ability level. You’ll need to spend proof which can be obtained from the hall to unlock this mission.

Skill awakening

Skill awakening requires spending materials, one of which is the rare hidden book. Since the materials can be hard to obtain, you need to choose your unit carefully. For example, set-ups that involve units that can take on campaigns in auto-battle smoothly after awakening are the best candidates. You can unlock awakening after completing the chapter: defeat the witch on normal setting.


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