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This useful terms page contains a list of frequently used terminology in Romancing Saga Re Universe. The list serves as a guide for communication between players.

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Useful Terms

Currently, the list is a work in progress. We will update this as we go along.

Term Definition
Gacha Gacha is a genre of video games that incorporate the gachapon mechanic which involves playing with a capsule-toy vending machine. In gacha, games, players can summon random characters from the chosen banner. Each banner lists a rate for the possible pulls.
HP Hit Points. When the HP falls to 30%, the style weakens. When falls to 0, the unit is KO’d and falls down by 1 LP.
Life Points (LP) Life Points. When the LP falls to 0, the unit can’t be revived. Healing spends at least 1 LP.
Battle Points (BP) Cost of skills. There are three types of costs. Styles start around half and can cap at a full gauge of 20. Styles will recover BP at the start of each turn.
Strength (STR) Strength influences weapon damage. Weapons include Swords, Greatswords, Axe, Spears, Clubs, and Martial Arts.
Endurance (END) Constitution influences defense against damage from physical attacks.
Dexterity (DEX) Dexterity influences certain weapon damage like Short Swords, Bows, and Guns.
Agility (AGI) Agility influences Turn Order, Evasion, and accuracy of attacks.
Intelligence (INT) Intelligence influences overall magic attack. INT also plays a role in inflicting abnormal status, resists, attribute changes, and accuracy of spells.
Willpower (WIL) Willpower influences magic defense. Also influences resists from abnormal status, resists, and attribute changes.
Love (LOV) Love influences the healing effect given.
Charm (CHA) Charm influences the healing effect received. Having higher charm also helps in connecting abnormal status.
Skill/Spell Each character learns a set of attacks. Skills are attacks that make use of physical weapons, while spells are attacks that depend on magic weapons. Each skill/spell costs BP.
Style The certain character in a summoning pool. Stats and skills for each character vary depending on his style.
Grasp Using skills in combat may randomly trigger grasp. Grasp activates a new skill and can be used on your next turn.
Resist The resists of the enemy. Look for icons marked in blue. Before hitting the enemy with a skill/spell that it resists, a blue reticle appears.
Weak The weak spot of the enemy. Look for icons marked in red. Before hitting the enemy with a skill/spell that it resists, a red reticle appears.
Normal If a skill/spell used does not match with an enemy’s resists/weaknesses a green reticle appears.
Stun Enemy can’t move for 1 turn. Depends on the style’s AGI.
Paralysis Prevents enemy from moving for 4 turns. Unlike stun, the enemy also shows an icon of stars circling the enemy’s head. Stacks with INT.
Aura An effect that appears on expeditions. If the unit has a shiny aura, they will reap from the expedition’s rewards. If they carry a squiggle mark, they won’t.
Book Drops that appear from events or weeklies. Books a used for reducing BP in skill awakening.
Crystal Drops that appear from story or events. Used for reducing BP. Dust, Shard, and crystals all belong to the crystal type of drops.
Formation The arrangement of units in combat. Formations alter the each unit’s stats and how often they attract the enemy’s attention. You can adjust the formation using the “edit formation.”
Level Break Each unit’s style starts with a cap of level 30. You can raise the cap until level 50. Raising the cap unlocks rewards but comes with the price of using gold.
Limit Break Raising the limit requires using puzzle pieces. There are two types of pieces, one is for style, while the other is for rarity. Most of these can be obtained from events.
Robin Cup Consists of challenges where your team of 3 units will need to fight against 3 monsters. You need to complete 5-2-6 on Very Hard to unlock the robin cup. Beating the robin cup gives you gold, character fragments, and books.
Back Dojo Similar to the robin cup. The back dojo has your party of 5 fight against strong mobs. You need to complete Very Hard to unlock the back dojo. Beating the back dojo gives you stat node mats.
Jewels Material used for shops, summoning, or refilling stamina. You can obtain jewels from various sources such as completing the story or log-in bonuses during campaigns.
Aurum Currency that can be used at the Forge and in the Shop.
Stamina Can be refilled using jewels or stamina potions.
Attacker One of the style’s roles. Attackers are offensive styles that tend to have abilities which boost damage.
Jammer One of the style’s roles. Jammers rely on status effects like stun or paralysis to weaken enemies.
Defender One of the style’s roles. Defenders are durable styles which have skills like Parry to deflect attacks. They may also double as attackers.
Supporter One of the style’s roles. Supporters have healing spells and may carry skills that debuff an enemy’s stat.


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