Romancing Saga Re Universe - Pre-registration Now Open

Square Enix kicks-off pre-registration for Romancing Saga Re Universe which eyes for release on June 23, 2020 on iOS and Android devices.

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Pre-registration Begins Today

Romancing Saga Re Universe Begins Pre-registration

Square Enix has announced that early registration for the upcoming role-playing mobile game Romancing Saga Re Universe is now open. This was confirmed on the game’s official website and Twitter page.

Romancing Saga Re Universe is expected to be released on June 23rd, 2020 on iOS and Android.

Pre-registration Bonuses

As stated in the Twitter post, a variety of special in-game bonuses will be given to players based on the number of those signing-up during the pre-registration period. These include Jewels, A-rank and S-Rank Style characters (Nora, Flurry), Stamina Recovery Drinks, and Platinum Gacha Tickets.

  • 50k – 100 Jewels
  • 100k – 200 Jewels, 10 Small Stamina Drinks
  • 150k – 300 Jewels, 10 Small Stamina Drinks
  • 200k – A Rank Style Nora, 400 Jewels
  • 250k – 500 Jewels, 10 Small Stamina Drinks
  • 300k – 500 Jewels, 20 Small Stamina Drinks
  • 350k – S Rank Style Flurry, 500 Jewels
  • 400k – 500 Jewels, 20 Platinum Summon Tickets
  • 500k  – 1k Jewels, 20 Platinum Summon Tickets

In Romancing Saga Re Universe, Jewels are in-game currency used to summon characters called Styles. Forming a good roster of heroes is the core feature of gacha games, allowing you to take on challenging quests to progress through the game’s main story or clear side quests to obtain new equipment and even more Styles.

Launch Sweepstakes

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Launch Sweepstakes

Players can also win prizes outside of the game by joining the Launch Sweepstakes event. Lucky entrants will have a chance to bag these special prizes by following the game’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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