Romancing Saga Re Universe - Monika’s Christmas Operation Guide

Guide on the event, Monika's Christmas Operation, for the english release of Romancing Saga Re Universe. Included are an overview, tips, recommended quest to farm, event exchange list, which rewards to prioritize, and event missions.

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Monika’s Christmas Operation

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Monika's Christmas Operation Guide

Use special styles

Completing each event quest rewards you with Christmas presents. You can increase the amount of drops by using styles. Assign a role to each style and form the team with them in mind. Below is a list of styles and their effects.

Effect Style
50% increase Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS Christmas MonikaMonika Julian
20% increase Azami Windie
10% increase Monika Monika Julian Julian
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS ThistleAzami Azami Windie

Recommended Quests

The best quest to farm for drops is Battle Quest 15 “Favorite Pet” on hard mode. The quest involves fighting boss Nue.

Boss Stats

Boss Nue
Best attacks to use Slash, slam
Best resists to equip Cold, slash, stun

Boss Strategy

Slash and rush styles fare best against the boss Nue. Given the boss’ low HP, you can quickly defeat it without much problems. In addition, Nue doesn’t have any ailment resists which makes it prone to status effects.

Apart from christmas presents, there’s a chance for the event S Flurry pieces to drop which makes farming this event quest worthwhile.

Look for quests with event boosts

Keep an eye out for the quest with the boosted rate each day. Completing the boosted quest yields three times the amount of drops. Since the boosted rate randomizes, you need to go over the quest list to find the boosted rate.

Get S Flurry

A special Flurry can be obtained through the event’s present exchange. Flurry [The Ultimate Santa Claus] serves as a support style since it has water of life.

Event Exchange

Below is a list of the event exchange rewards and costs for each.

Reward Stock Cost
Holy Night Armor 1 1,000
S Flurry Style 1 2,500
S Flurry Piece 80 80
Instant Expedition Ticket 12 25
Aurum (x10,000) 20 100
Book of Secrets: Volume 1 2 150
Book of Secrets: Volume 2 2 250
Book of Secrets: Volume 3 2 1,000
Black Gem 40 30
[A] Weapon Enhancement Material 30 40
[A] Armor Enhancement Material 30 40
[A] Gear Enhancement Material 30 40

Which reward to prioritize?

Monika’s Christmas Exchange

Event Missions

In celebration of the event, there are also event missions that reward pieces and expedition tickets. Below is a list of event missions and conditions. Be sure to switch between Operation I and Operation II list to collect all the rewards.

Mission Details Reward
1 Use Flurry Silver piece (universal)
2 Get christmas presents Bronze piece (universal
2 Get christmas presents Silver piece (universal)
3 Clear the event a number of times using special styles Expedition Ticket

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