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List of status conditions in Romancing Saga Re Universe, including an overview, status, and effects.

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Status Conditions

Status conditions usually consist of non-damaging effects that affect styles and enemies. Many of these show icons or animations to signify the unique effect it temporarily puts on the affected unit.

Below is a list of status conditions and their effects. Some effects are currently based on the traditional games. We will update this as we go along.

Status Effect
Stun Prevents movement for one turn. Stacks with INT and viability depends on AGI. Jammers that have high AGI make great use of stun. No icon appears when it connects but the word “STUN” briefly shows.
Paralysis Not to be confused with Stun. While both conditions stack with INT, Paralysis does not depend on AGI.

When afflicted with paralysis, the style or enemy cannot move for 4 turns. In addition, stars spin around the style or enemy’s head.

Parry More of a stance than a status condition. Some styles can use parry to deflect an enemy’s single-target or party-wide attacks. Usually costs 7 BP and can be lowered to 5 BP.
Darkness When affected, the style or enemy’s physical attacks have lowered accuracy. Icon shows a grey bar that grows and shortens.
Charm Style or enemies that have been charmed will hit his allies instead of enemies each turn. The affected unit will have a pink heart on top of his head.
Poison When poisoned, the style or enemy suffers damage each turn. The afflicted unit will reek of purple poison bubbles.
Petrify When petrified, the style or enemy turns grey and will not move. Must be cured.
Sleep Cannot move while asleep. Wakes up when hit by an attack. The icon shows “zzz” marks.
Confuse Causes the affect style or enemy to perform random actions on his ally.
Berserk Strengthens the style or enemy’s Atk by 25% but will be unable to cast spells.
Death Incapacitated and cannot move. Can be revived with healing spells. Cannot be revived with Entrusted Hope.

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