Romancing Saga Re Universe - Super Huge Mochi Tower Guide

Guide on Super Huge Mochi Tower in Romancing Saga Re Universe. Included are an overview, styles, quests, boss stats, strategy, and exchange list.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Super Huge Mochi Tower Guide

Super Huge Mochi Tower

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Mochi Tower

Use special styles

Completing each event quest rewards you with Piping Hot Mochi. You can increase the amount of drops by using special styles. Assign a role to each style and form the team with them in mind. Below is a list of styles and their effects.

Effect Style
50% increase Katarina Polka Hector
20% increase Red Gray
10% increase Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS KatarinaKatarina Katarina Polka Hector
Orion Gray Gray Alkaiser

Raise stat gains

Using special styles not only boosts the drop rate for Piping Hot Mochi but also doubles their stat gains during the event. Form a party by combining the styles mentioned above to train them more efficiently.

Recommended Quests

The best quest to farm for drops is very hard. However, you need to finish normal and hard battle quests to unlock it. Focus on Battle Quests 7 and 8 on very hard.

Boss Stats

Boss Yamato
Best attacks to use Slash, blunt, heat
Best resists to equip Blunt, pierce
Recommended CP at least 23,000

Boss Strategy

Mandrake and the boss share weaknesses to slash and heat attributes. Meanwhile, the Griffon is weak to sun attacks. These enemy types mainly use blunt attribute attacks, while Griffon relies on pierce attribute attacks. Stack primary and secondary armor that boost your defenses against these attributes for more survivability.

After reaching the second round, use powerful single-target skills work best against Griffon to bring its health down since it sports a large health pool.

Other than the boss, having access to paralysis and stun are also effective against the enemies that appear on the first two rounds.

Look for quests with event boosts

Keep an eye out for the quest with the boosted rate each day. Completing the boosted quest yields three times the amount of drops. Since the boosted rate randomizes, you need to go over the quest list to find the boosted rate. To top it off, each attempt gives you a chance to score around 2000 Piping Hot Mochi.

Get SS Gray style pieces

A special Gray can be obtained through the event’s present exchange. Completing the last level also gives a chance to score more of Gray’s SS style pieces.

Best Styles to use

Style Role Features
Katarina Attacker Stable attacker even in long battles
Hector Attacker Great style against the boss
Polka Defender Has parry
Learns Yellow Dragon Sword which is effective against the boss
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS KatarinaKatarina Attacker Fairly low BP with consistent damage through Smash
Useful against the boss
Gray Attacker Inherits Waterfowl blade
Has paralysis
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS GustaveGustave Attacker Stable attacker even in long battles
Albert Defender Has parry
Great against the boss
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS Monica (Christmas)Monica Attacker Useful pierce attacks against the Gryphon and the boss
Michael Attacker Useful pierce attacks against the Gryphon and the boss
Emerald Attacker Can nuke the Mandrake with Firestorm
Sif Attacker Has slash and heat attacks which is useful against the boss

Exchange List

All of the exchange rewards are useful. Keep collecting Piping Hot Mochi until you have exhausted the stock of rewards.

Event Missions

In celebration of the event, there are also event missions that reward more event drops and pieces. Below is a list of event missions and conditions.

Mission type Details Reward
Daily Clear Tower 1-3 times Piping Hot Mochi
Daily Level up style three times Silver piece
Daily Awaken the style Silver piece
Total Spend 100 to 3000 jewels Gold piece
Total Get Piping Hot Mochi SS Gray Style piece

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