Romancing Saga Re Universe - Forest of Mystery Guide

Guide on the Forest of Mystery in Romancing Saga Re Universe, including an overview, getting started, and boss strategy.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Forest of Mystery Guide

Forest of Mystery

The Forest of Mystery is one of the challenge quests along with the Spiral Corridor. Unlike other quests, having a go at exploring the Forest of Mystery entails spending Exploration Tickets.

Currently, the page is a work in progress. We will update this as we go along.

How to obtain Exploration Tickets

Each day, you can take on a daily mission to receive Exploration Tickets. The daily mission asks you to complete the training cave to obtain some tickets.

What are Eggshells?

The Forest of Mystery pits you against enemies that inhabit the jungle. Being a challenge quest, you’ll encounter tougher enemies as you climb to higher levels. Complete the a level of the challenge quest to receive Eggshells as drops. These can be used to exchange for style pieces and special gear through the Eggshell Exchange.

Eggshell Exchange Guide

How to defeat the Pyrohydra

The Pyrohydra is a boss enemy that appears at the final round of each battle quest. Below is breakdown of its stats and tips on how to fight it.


Slash +50
Hit 0
Rush 0
Heat +50
Cold -55
Lightning -45
Sun 0
Shadow 0

Status effects

Poison +999
Darkness +50
Stun +999
Paralysis +999
Sleep +125
Petrify +50
Confuse +50
Charm +999
Berserk +30
Faint +999


Bring styles that have Physical and hit attributes. Pyrohydra resists slash attributes so you need to assemble other melee styles.

One of the boss’ attacks involves a single-target hit that causes loads of damage. Choose a great formation and pair it with a parry style to heighten a favorable matchup. Below is a short summary of styles and their roles.

Best Party Combinations

Parry Albert New Year Polka Bear
Strength Debuff Katarina Cat Hector
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS CatCat Alkaiser Azami
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS GustaveGustave Ginny


How to reduce the boss’ damage

Formation plays a huge role in lowering the boss’ heat attack given the boosted effects. If you’re struggling to survive attacks, consider opting for a formation like Rising Phoenix. Having Rising Phoenix gives your party more WIL which improves each style’s durability which leads to better survivability.

Switch gear

In addition to having a more consistent formation, you also need to strengthen your resists against attacks. Look for armor that enhances resists to slashing and heat attributes.

List of SS styles and details

Style Tier List

Name Features
Hector Can drain HP
Offers durability against slash and heat
New Year Polka Has parry
Has HP regen
Resists slash attribute and can mitigate low weak resistance with Scarlet Robe
Albert Has parry
Has HP regen
Resists slash attribute and can mitigate low weak resistance with Scarlet Robe
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS CatCat Has stun and can function as a jammer
Works as a STR debuffer
Ginny Works as a STR debuffer
Alkaiser Resists absorption
Works as a STR debuffer
One of the few candidates that can make great use of scarlet robe
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS GustaveGustave Works as a STR debuffer
Resists absorption
Can tank many hits thanks to his great resists
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS RougeRouge Inherits paralysis which makes him a suitable jammer
Has durability

List of S styles and details

Best S Rank Styles

Name Features
Katarina Works as a STR debuffer
Cat Works as a STR debuffer
Victor May also debuff INT
Azami Has stun
May also debuff STR
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - S UndineUndine Powerful cold spells
Inherits water of life and can double as a healer

Strategy against enemies

Robin Hat

Weak to Heat, cold, lightning
Resists Crush
Attributes that resist its attacks Strike or Crush

Robin Hats can be tough to deal with since their attacks can make you weak enough to withstand the boss. That being said, assemble a team that can take them out quickly using high cost BP skills. The fewer turns it takes for you to defeat them in the first and second rounds, the better. One of the best styles to have is S Undine since she can nuke the boss with spells.

Golden Baum

Weak to Heat, cold, lightning, yang, yin
Resists Strike
Attributes that resist its attacks Strike, heat

One of the battle quests pits you against Golden Baum back to back. Given its powerful heat spells, make sure that if you bring the recommended styles mentioned above that you pair them with Scarlet Robes. The armor provides great resistance against the enemy’s heat spells like Acid Shower and Hydra Flame.

Kaiser Ant

Weak to Strike or cold
Resists Sun
Attributes that resist its attacks Slash

An enemy type that boasts high HP. Kaiser Ant is susceptible to status effects namely stun and paralysis which gives jammers time to shine. One of the best styles to have against Kaiser Ant is Rouge that has inherited a status effect from a lower tier.

Aim to gather overdrive while whittling down enemies. Ideally, you would need to have overdrive on the unit that excels in STR debuff to gain a favorable position against the boss.

Assign roles for each style. Have strike style attackers take turns to reduce its health while the jammer buys time with paralysis or stun.

Assembling the team

Below is a sample team composition

1 2 3 4 5
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS RougeRouge Katarina Cat Hector Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - S UndineUndine


Type Effects
  1. Agi +50%, Str +25%, more prone to attract enemies
  2. Str +25%, Agi +25%
  3. Str +25%, Agi +25%
  4. Agi -50%
  5. Agi -50%


  • Rouge ← A Rouge (Shadow Chains)
  • Cat ← SS Cat (Submission)
  • Hector ← A Orion (Sinking)
  • Undine ← A Undine (Water of Life)


Primary armor consists of scarlet robes. We can’t stress this enough. Having scarlet robes gives so much resistance to many of the boss’ attacks save for its powerful heat spells.

You can opt to pair either a headband or corner helmet to raise the melee styles’ damage output. These can be obtained from 2-2-3 (hard) and 5-2-3 (hard) respectively.

Round 1 and 2

Putting Rouge on the first slot raises his AGI which helps him inflict a status effect that much faster. Katarina can also go for a status effect. If the status effect fails to connect, you can opt to restart the match. If paralysis connects, go for normal attacks to accumulate BP and overdrive.

Final round

When using overdrive, aim to chain it with a STR debuff skill. Lowering the boss’ attack helps the team withstand attacks. On top of that, Rouge can drain the boss’ health to live longer. Keep debuffing Pyrohydra to weaken its attacks. The best setup is having Katarina and Cat combine debuff skills since you’ll be taking almost no damage from the boss barring heat spells for at least 3 turns. Check to see if the allies’ health is enough to survive the attack. Having S Undine double as a healer can save your team from being wiped out by anticipating the attack and healing before it knocks someone out.

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