Romancing Saga Re Universe - Christmas Miracle Guide

Guide on the event, Christmas Miracle, for the english release of Romancing Saga Re Universe. Included are an overview, tips, recommended quest to farm, event exchange list, which rewards to prioritize, and event missions.

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Christmas Miracle

Unlike Monika’s Christmas Operation, the Christmas Miracle event involves more difficult quests. You need to have a well-rounded party to take on the battle quests.

List of styles that give boosts

The event also grants higher drops for teams that consist of event styles. Form a team to include at least one of these styles to make farm more efficiently for Thoughtful Presents. The event styles can be obtained from the platinum and christmas banners.

Effect Style
50% increase Ginny Albert
20% increase Cat Tatyana
10% increase Ginny Cat Albert Romancing Saga Re Universe - S Rank AlbertAlbert
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS CatCat Cat

Recommended Quests

The best quest to farm for Thoughtful Presents is the last level which involves fighting the boss Chariot.


Aside from Thoughtful Presents, you may also have the chance to receive S Sophia Style pieces. Other notable drops include armor such as Parade Helm H-2 or Jet Black Mage H-6. The drop rates are fairly low however treat these as luxury than necessity.

Boss Stats

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Christmas Miracle Event

Best attacks to use Slash, strike, heat, yang
Best resists to equip Slash, strike
Recommended CP at least 10,000


Strike styles and those that are adept with Clubs work best against the enemies for this battle quest. Don’t be afraid to invest on high cost BP skills at the start of the turn to thin out the enemies. Finish off the remainder using normal attacks to regain BP.

When you reach round 2, focus on one gargoyle. After taking out one, gather some overdrive and BP to prepare for the final round.

Repeat the same tactic that you used from round 1 by unleashing powerful skills with the addition of overdrive. It is possible that the damage output might fall short. If you find that the team is lacking in damage, train them for a while before coming back for another round.

Among the following effects, the chariot is prone to Stun. You can opt to assemble styles that have access to many stun effects. However, it still depends on chance and you might not always get it each time.


We don’t recommend setting to auto when grinding this quest on hard mode. Some teams lacking damage may need a fair amount of luck in activating stun on their side to surpass this battle quest. The first wave of enemies can be tough to take out since they normally have single target skills like Twinstrike and Triple Hit which cause so much damage. If the style with parry gets caught off-guard, the enemies can easily pull the team apart if you don’t heal soon. If you managed to summon Barbara, you’ll have a relatively easier time going through the rounds since she has a moderate chance to trigger stun. Having this passive effect is beneficial for helping the parry have usable BP and more time for the support to keep healing the tank. Use parry as much as you can and don’t use overdrive this round.

In round 2, we found that unleashing overdrive right off the bat is a great way to take out the gargoyles while leaving the last enemy to fend for itself. By disposing of the gargoyles, you not only raise the odds of pulling through the battle quest but also have an easier time charging BP and another overdrive to prepare for the boss. With the exception of the style taking the most hits with parry, have everyone else use overdrive and their strongest skill. Use normal attacks to take out terminator.

Again, like the first round it depends on the team’s strength. Lower level teams may require some luck with the stun activating because the boss has a fair amount of durability. Fissure Strike hits hard so you need to either have parry, use heals, or both. Avoid using high cost BP skills. If at least half of the team gets overdrive, go ahead and chain a combo. When performing a combo, have the tank use parry while the rest go for attacks. Skills like waning moon and Rock Splitter are great with overdrive. The attack should do enough to take around half of the boss’ health. Keep charging BP again and heal allies if they’re struggling. Unleash another combo to finish it off.

Some styles that have stun

Style Features
Barbara Has stun ability that may trigger each turn
Has skill with a stun effect
Ginny Strike attribute with stun effect
Gives bonus event drops
Cat Has 4 BP cost stun effect from SS Cat
Gives bonus event drops
Julian Can inherit 3 BP cost stun effect from A Julian
Romancing Saga Re Universe - S Rank AlbertAlbert Has 3 BP cost stun skill which is great to give to SS event Albert
Azami Has stun through Air Throw
Inherits good skills from A Azami
Monika Has stun with feint and inherits Southern Cross from S Christmas Monika

Look for quests with event boosts

Similar to Monika’s Christmas Operation, pay attention to quests that have 3x boosted drop rate. Go through the for both normal and hard to find them. Aim to complete them before the server resets. These boosted rates will refresh each day for the duration of the event.

Keep an eye out for the quest with the boosted rate each day. Completing the boosted quest yields three times the amount of drops. Since the boosted rate randomizes, you need to go over the quest list to find the boosted rate.

Get S Sophia

A special Sophia can be obtained through the event’s present exchange. Sophia [Attire of a Holy Knight]. Unlike the start dash campaign Sophia, the christmas Sophia is an attacker style.

Event Exchange

Below is a list of the event exchange rewards and costs for each.

Reward Stock Cost
Silver Cuirass 1 10,000
Holy Night Stockings 1 1,000
S Sophia 1 3,000
S Sophia Piece x2 80 80
A Tatyana Piece 100 60
Instant Expedition Ticket 12 25
Aurum x10,000 20 100
Blue Gem 40 30
A Weapon Enhancement Material 30 4o
A Armor Enhancement Material 30 40
A Gear Enhancement Material 30 40

Which reward to prioritize?

Reward List and Priority

Event Missions

In celebration of the event, there are also event missions that reward pieces and expedition tickets. Below is a list of event missions and conditions. Be sure to switch between Operation I and Operation II list to collect all the rewards.

Mission Details Reward
1 Take down S.O. with Sophia Silver piece (universal)
Have Sophia in party and take on event missions (any style)
2 Get ?? gifts Bronze piece (universal
Use event styles on event missions Silver piece (universal)
3 Clear event ?? times with certain styles Expedition Ticket
Clear quest with Ginny/Albert/Cat/Tatyana

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