Romancing Saga Re Universe - Ability Values (Stats) and Damage Attributes


Guide on stats and attributes in Romancing SaGa Re;Universe. Included are an overview, types, and information on weaknesses and resists.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Stats and Attributes

Ability Values (Stats) and Damage Attributes

Ability Values

Ability values are simply a character’s stats. Each ability value affects one or more parameters in battle so it is worth being familiar with them.

Ability Value (Stat) Growth Guide

Stats Description
Max HP (HP) Refers to max HP. If your style’s HP reaches 0, your style is knocked down and loses 1 HP.
Life Points (LP) Refers to life points. If your style LP reaches 0, they cannot be revived anymore but you won’t lose them like in the original game.
Battle Points (BP) Refers to battle points and are consumed when using different skills. Each style starts with 7 BP and get 3 BP per turn.
Strength Refers to physical damage for Swords, Great Swords, Spears, Axes, Clubs,  and Claws/Fist.
Constitution Refers to physical defense in general.
Dexterity Refers to weapon damage for Rapiers, Bows, and Guns.
Agility Refers to evasion, turn order, and few types of attacks.
Intelligence Refers to magic damage in general.
Spirit Refers to magic defense in general.
Love Refers to the amount of HP you can give from heals. Also has numerous hidden effects.
Charm Refers to the amount of HP you receive from heals. Also increases the the avoidance and hit rate of status ailments.

Style Damage Attributes

There are eight types of attributes in Romancing Saga namely Skill, Strike, Hit (or Crash), and the five elements: Heat, Cold, Thunder, Yin, and Yang. The first three form the “physical stamina,” and the latter five make up the “psychic” category. Damage taken hit depends on resistance.

Style Damage Attributes and Weapon Type Compatibility

Each damage attribute is dealt by one or more types of weapons. Below is a list of each attribute and the weapon type it represents.

Attribute Weapon Types
Slash Swords, Great Swords, and Axes
Strike Claws/Fist, Clubs, and Guns.
Pierce Rapier, Spear, and Bow
Sorcery Wands

Explanation on Weapon Types

Combat Effects

Highlight the enemy and check if the interaction between the weapon type and its type. If it says “Advantage ^,” it means that the weapon is effective and “weak” will show up on the screen. Meanwhile, if it shows “Disadvantage v,” it means that the weapon type is not effective and attacking the enemy will cause “resist” to appear. You can also assess to check the enemy’s data.

If there are many attributes in play, the vulnerable attribute takes effect over the other attributes. For example, using lightning kick combines strike and lightning effects. When used against an enemy that resists strike but is weak to lightning, the weakness takes priority, allowing the technique to ignore the enemy’s partial resistance.

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