Romancing Saga Re Universe - Ruins Exploration Guide

Guide on Ruins Exploration in Romancing Saga Re Universe. Included are an overview, quests, steps to unlock other quests, and training.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Ruins Exploration Guide

Ruins Exploration Guide

What is Ruins Exploration?

Ruins is a quest that gives you evolution materials for equipment. Apart from grinding for drops, the ruins serves as a great area to grind for stats.

Glowstone Quests

Glowstone drops depend on the day of the week. Below is a list of quest and the glow stones.

Item Quest 1 Quest 2
Sunday Slash Glowstones Tri Glowstones
Monday Blunt Glowstones Tri Glowstones
Tuesday Pierce Glowstones Tri Glowstones
Wednesday Staff Glowstones Tri Glowstones
Thursday Armor Glowstones Tri Glowstones
Friday Gear Glowstones Tri Glowstones
Saturday All Unlocked

Unlocking Other Quests

All other quests with the exception of the Daily Special and Tri Glowstones appear locked from Sunday to Friday. However, you can use the Ruins Key to unlock one of these for 20 minutes. Ruins Key can be redeemed from the weekly shops or claimed from log-in bonuses.

Raising ability

Ruins Exploration is a good way to start honing your styles. Choose a level that is suitable for the styles you are using. The 9th and 10th levels of Ruins Exploration gives as much experience as episodes 6 to 7 of hard mode.

Among the glowstones, Tri Glowstone is highly sought after because it is a staple requirement for evolving any equipment. The best level to train styles is the 9th level since only one enemy appears for each round.

Level Party CP ST Exp Aurum
1 ~10,000 5 30 280
2 ~10,000 6 45 330
3 ~10,000 8 65 410
4 ~15,000 10 85 520
5 ~15,000 11 100 600
6 ~15,000 13 120 710
7 ~20,000 15 140 800
8 ~20,000 16 155 920
9 ~20,000 18 170 1020
10 ~27,000 22 200 1200

Ruins Exploration Walkthrough

Below are tips and strategy for completing the level 9 and 10 battle quests.
Ruins Exploration Walkthrough

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