Romancing Saga Re Universe - One Fateful White Day Reward List and Priority


Reward List and Priority for One Fateful White Day, for the english release of Romancing Saga Re Universe. Included are lists of event rewards arranged according to priority.

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One Fateful White Day Reward List and Priority

High priority rewards

Return candies are event drops that can be obtained from the battle quests in the event One Fateful White Day. Below is a list of rewards from the event that should be obtained immediately.

Priority Reward
1 Red Gem x10
2 S Will
3 Sabaton
4 Platinum Ticket x20
5 A Julian Style Piece x5
6 SS Will Style Piece x5
7 Instant Expedition Ticket
8 Aurum x10,000

White Day Guide

Focus on Red Gems

Red Gems are precious materials that can be used for tier 3 awakening. Red gems should be given the highest priority since there are no other means available at the moment to obtain them.

Exchange for S Will

Will is the second most useful reward from the event exchange. S Will is a Blunt type style suitable for an attacker. He also comes with a STR Debuff.

Exchange for Sabaton

Sabaton is a pierce resistant secondary armor that has three stages of evolution. It gives a boost in Agility (+1) and Love (+2) which is best paired with supporter type styles.

Exchange for Platinum Tickets

Although the chance of getting rare styles is low, having more tickets to spend for future styles can be useful in the long run.

Invest in A Julian Style pieces

In addition to S Will, the event exchange offers pieces of A Julian which you can fuse pieces to produce another style. A Julian carries Mirage Blade, an all-ranged attack that is useful for inheritance.

Other rewards

With the release of style summoning, you would also want to invest on SS Will pieces. Make sure to exchange for the above mentioned drops before investing on SS Will style pieces.

Aurum and Expedition Tickets are the less important among the event exchange rewards. Spend the rest of your tickets here after obtaining the ones above since these also help improve styles. Lastly, if you have more to spare you can invest on the remaining pieces and enhancement materials.

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