Romancing Saga Re Universe - How to Raise Sub Ability Value

A guide on how to raise sub ability value in Romancing Saga Re Universe, including how to unlock, required materials, basic mechanics, and abilities to prioritize.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - How to Raise Sub Ability Value

Sub ability Value Training

Please note that information on this page is roughly translated from Japanese sources. We are currently updating this page based on the English version of the game.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - How to Raise Sub Ability Value

sub ability value training is a feature that releases the limit of base ability values. It can be accessed in the dojo as with other features for leveling up.

Ability Value (Stat) Growth Guide

How to Unlock

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Back Dojo Quests

To unlock sub ability training, you must clear the back dojo quests. Doing so allows you to receive Marks of the Back Dojo from daily quests and bonus rewards. These can be traded-in at the Back Dojo exchange shop to obtain the materials to raise sub ability value.

Requirements to Raise SubAbility Value

Proof of Strength and Training Orbs

Romancing Saga Re Universe - How to Raise Back Ability Value

To raise sub ability value, you need to obtain the Proofs of Strength (first stage) and training orbs from the back dojo. Below is a list of training orbs and the sub ability levels that they affect.

Item sub ability Value
Orb of Power Back Strength
Orb of Body Back Constitution
Orb of Vessel Back Dexterity
Orb of Speed Back Agility
Orb of Knowledge Back Intelligence
Orb of Spirit Back Spirit
Orb of Love Back Love
Orb of Charm Back Charm

Style EXP and Aurum

Romancing Saga Re Universe - How to Raise Back Ability Value

Style EXP and aurum is also required for raising the sub ability value. The amount depends on the upgrade stage of the sub ability value.

How to Farm Money (Aurum)

Upon using the required items, the cap on the sub ability value is released. Note that this only raises the sub ability value’s limit and not the value itself.

How to Raise Sub Ability Value Level

Clear quests

By doing quests after releasing the sub ability value limit, a character’s sub ability values will increase (as with normal ability values).

Best Quests for Training

sub ability value can grow up to the current sub ability value limit. The limit increases by two each time you raise it using sub ability training at the dojo.

Raising HP Sub Ability Value

HP sub ability value can only be raised after raising all sub ability values by one stage. Because of this, it is recommended to raise sub ability value limits evenly.

Raising Sub Ability Values to Level 2

Romancing Saga Re Universe - How to Raise Back Ability Value

There is currently no means to obtain a proof of strength (level 2) in the game. This means that you can only raise the sub ability value limit of characters by one stage.

Recommended Sub Ability Value Training Progression

Priority Sub Ability Value
High Strength, dexterity, intelligence, agility
Normal Spirit
Low Constitution, love, charm

Raise strength, dexterity, intelligence, and agility first.

Strength, dexterity, and intelligence affect the damage dealt using various equipped weapons so these values should be your top priority.

Agility, meanwhile, affects your likelihood of attacking enemies first and evading incoming damage for better survivability.

Increase spirit.

Spirit affects technical attack reduction and a character’s susceptibility to status conditions. Raising spirit is useful for even more survivability, though not as important as the first four ability values.

Sub Ability Value Training Routes

Route 1: Raise all sub ability values

Romancing Saga Re Universe - How to Raise Back Ability Value

The typical route is to raise all sub ability values to be able to increase your back HP ability value as well. This requires you to invest on sub ability values that your character may not necessarily benefit from. You will also need to farm more of the required materials to raise all sub ability values than if you only focused on specific abilities.

The high number of materials you will need also means that you are likely to focus on one character at a time. Consider implementing this route only on certain characters, particularly all-around ones that you will use in most quests.

Route 2: Raise only important sub ability values

Romancing Saga Re Universe - How to Raise Back Ability Value

Another route to is focus only on raising sub ability values that a character immediately benefit from. The most obvious downside to this is that you will not be able to raise the HP sub ability value. However, you do not need to farm for required materials as much as in the first route.

This route is recommended for characters that have very specific roles to play in the party or those that you will only use for certain quests.

Materials Required Per Upgrade Level

Upgrade Level Materials Style EXP Aurum
1 Training Orb x2, Proofs of Strength x3 20,000 125,000
2 Training Orb x4, Proofs of Strength x3 26,000 195,000


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