Romancing Saga Re Universe - How to Summon Styles

Overview and guide to Style Summoning in Romancing SaGa Re;Universe. This includes a list of collectible Style Pieces in the game.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - How to Summon Styles

Style Summoning Guide

In Romancing Saga Re; Universe, you can obtain Styles either through summoning or by collecting a specified number of Style pieces. The latter are usually obtained from main quests or game events.

Reroll Style Tier List

Difference between a Piece and a Style

Style Piece Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS Rank Katarina Style Piece
Style Unit Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS Rank Katarina

A Style piece looks like a puzzle piece while a Style appears as a full character icon or avatar labeled with a rarity rank. You need multiple Style pieces in order to exchange a Style.

Style Pieces Required

The number of Style pieces required for each Style depends on their rarity.

Style Rarity Style Pieces Needed
SS Rank 250 Style Pieces
S Rank 150 Style Pieces
A Rank 50 Style Pieces

The higher the rarity of the Style, the more Style pieces is needed.

Collectible Style Pieces

If you are aiming for rare SS rank Styles, you need to finish events or quests such as Eggshell Exchange  in order to acquire these Style pieces and summon them.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS Rank Katarina Style Pieces

Exchange Style Pieces

Piece Exchange Purchase Limit
SS Rank Katarina Piece Eggshell Exchange Up to 60 Style pieces
SS Rank Albert Piece
SS Rank Gustave Piece R Cup Exchange? Up to 60 Style pieces
SS Rank Alkaiser Piece
SS Rank Ellen Piece
SS Rank Charle Piece Zweig Medal Exchange Up to 40 Style pieces
S Rank Charle Piece Up to 60 Style pieces
S Rank Mariah Piece Ore Exchange Up to 35 Style pieces
S Rank Undine Piece
S Rank Katarina Piece
S Rank Gustave Piece
S Rank Aisha Piece
S Rank Ellen Piece
S Rank Gray Piece
S Rank Monika PIece
S Rank Barbara Piece
S Rank Ginny Piece
A Rank Muse Piece
A Rank Agatha Piece
A Rank Sif Piece
A Rank Urpina Piece
A Rank Thomas Piece
A Rank Mikhail Piece
A Rank Azami Piece
A Rank Cat Piece
A Rank Red Piece
A Rank Emeral Piece
A Rank Blue Piece
S Rank Albert Piece Falcon Ingot Exchange Up to 30 Style pieces
S Rank Guella Ha Piece
S Rank Ginny Piece
S Rank Flurry Piece Christmas Operation Up to 160 Style pieces

Required Style Pieces for Summoning

Exchange Shop Required Materials Estimated Days
Eggshell Exchange 11,250 Eggshells 4 weeks + 2 days
Zweig Medal Exchange 4,500 Zweig Medals About 7 weeks
Ore Exchange (S Rank Style) 600 Ores 7 weeks + 1 day
Ore Exchange (A Rank Style) 150 Ores About 1 week + 6 days

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