Romancing Saga Re Universe - Spiral Corridor Guide

Guide on the Spiral Corridor in Romancing Saga Re Universe, including how to unlock, strategy, and rewards.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Spiral Corridor Guide

Spiral Corridor Guide

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How to unlock

Go through the main story quest and complete chapter 2-2-10 to unlock the Spiral Corridor.

Face tougher enemies on higher floors

The more you climb, the stronger the enemies will be. If you hit a wall and struggle to climb past a current floor, you might have to go back and train to avoid wasting stamina.

Refreshes on the 20th of every month

For example, if you reached floor 40 on your last climb, you’ll start on floor 31 when the corridor refreshes. The game treats as if you completed all the previous floors which means that the drops from floors 1 to 30 automatically go into your inventory.


Spiral Corridor Walkthrough

Clear Rewards

Clearing each floor for the first time gives you jewels. After surpassing the 10th and 20th floors, you can claim as much as 200 jewels. What’s more, finishing each floor nets you Spiral Corridor Tickets and Expedition tickets. The former counts as an alternative to jewels and can only be used on the Spiral Corridor banner which has different focus units from other banners. Meanwhile, the expedition tickets allow you to instantly return from expeditions.

Spiral Corridor Summon Pool

Spiral Corridor Tickets can be used to summon units from the Spiral Corridor banner. Below is a list of focus units and their corresponding ratings in the summoning pool.


Name Type Features Rating
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS RougeRouge
[Seeking His Other Half]
SS Learns Drain Energy, a shadow attack that absorbs HP and Vermillion Sands, a wide range attack that can inflict darkness on enemies.
[May My Prayers Reach You]
SS Learns Healing Light and Dare to Hope II. 97
[Grace of the Valhallans]
SS Learns Vertical Smash, a slash attack that can decrease END and is effective on insects. She can also grasp Four Seasons which combines slash and heat effects. 87

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