Romancing Saga Re Universe - Recommended Sacred Stones

List of sacred stones in Romancing Saga Re Universe.

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Recommended Sacred Stones


Name Rank 10 Effect Details
Weapons When equipping a weapon (excluding canes), the damage to the enemy is increased by 15%. More versatile than the cane’s 10% increase given by the arts stone.
Arts When using Arts on an enemy, damage is increased by 15%.
HP Full + When HP is full, damage is increased by 20%. Most versatile among the weapon stones.
Power + Permanently increases damage to enemies by 10%. A decent sacred stone that is suitable for magic type units who specialize in many elements.
Hit + Permanently increases hit by 20%. Best paired with units that have low hit and need to hit consistently.
Poison Resistance Down When enemy is hit hit, has a low chance to reduce the enemy’s poison resistance by 20%. Best used against enemies that have high HP but suffer from low poison resistance.


Name Rank 10 Effect Details
Reduction (All) Reduce damage taken by 10%. Useful for various situations since it affects all types of enemies. You can opt to equip it on all members to maximize reduction.
Reduction (HP full) Reduce damage taken by 15% when HP is full. Has a higher effect compared to reduction (all) when requirement is met. Some potential candidates to give this stone are healer type units.

Others (Weapons)

Below are weapon stones that have undetermined purposes.

Name Rank 10 Effect Details
Cane + When equipping canes, the damage to the enemy is increased by 10%. Suitable for magic type units that specialize in many elements. However becomes obsolete when magic units have high power.
OD Power + Permanently increases OD damage by 10%.
Cooperation + Permanently increases coop attack by 10%.
Physical + When attacking an enemy using Physical attacks (Slash/ Strike/ Crash), damage is increased by 10%.
Darkness Resistance Down When enemy is hit hit, has a low chance to reduce the enemy’s darkness resistance by 20%.
When Dying + When near death, increased damage done to enemies by 20%. Risky to use and situational. Can be suitable for units that capitalize on styles that lower their health or when facing an enemy that cuts HP.

Others (Armor)

Name Rank 10 Effect Details
Reduction (Dying) When near death, reduces damage taken by 20%. Currently, the stone is risky to use. However the stone grants the highest damage reduction which could be useful for future updates.
Mitigation (2 elements) When hit by 〇 element or attack, reduces damage received by 10%.

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