Romancing Saga Re Universe - Spiral Corridor 51st Floor Walkthrough

Walkthrough on Floor 51 of the the Spiral Corridor in Romancing Saga Re Universe

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Spiral Corridor Walkthrough

Spiral Corridor 51st Floor Walkthrough


Cost 25 stamina
Best attributes to use
Best resists to use

Spiral Corridor Walkthrough

Recommended units

Below is a list of styles and features.

Style Role Features
Rocbouquet Jammer High blunt resistance
Inherits paralysis
Can double as an attacker
Rouge Jammer High blunt resistance
Inherits paralysis
Albert Parry Has parry
Annie Parry Has parry
Cordelia Attacker Has strong pierce attribute
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS ClaudiaClaudia Attacker Has strong pierce attribute


Round 1 Round 2 Round 3


Bring styles that excel in pierce attribute since many of the enemy types share a common weakness to it. Enemies are prone to petrify and paralysis which means having a jammer is beneficial for getting free turns to gather more BP. Between the two, petrify is more consistent since paralysis only affects the worm enemies. Having a formation like Rising Phoenix along with a style that has parry can help battles run smoothly since it tends to force enemies to attack the style that can deflect attacks.

Round 1

Make use of petrify and paralysis to buy some time. Make use of the free turns to replenish your BP pool.

Round 2

Petrify comes in handy for this round. Focus on thinning out the enemies and then finish them off with a combination of status effect and normal attacks. Don’t use overdrive.

Round 3

Prioritize defeating the worms using overdrive. You may opt to use party-wide skills to hit the other enemy types at the back.

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