Romancing Saga Re Universe - Battle League Guide

Guide on Battle League in Romancing Saga Re Universe. Included are an overview, matches, tips, exchange list, and priority on rewards.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Battle League

Battle League Guide

What is Battle League?

Battle League is an event that pits styles against other styles on a 5 against 5 match.

Why join the arena?

The arena is vastly different from regular battle quests. One of the arena’s features is the absence of monsters. Instead, you need to knock out another team of styles. Battles also finish much faster because battles come in only one round. The arena rewards participants with generous helpings of stat increases and the Battle League trophy which can be exchanged at the event shop.

Update: As of September 3, 2020, the Battle League has reopened and also gives victorious teams the Silver Trophy upon completion of each battle quest. The Silver Trophy can be exchanged for Instant Expedition Tickets and Silver Pieces.


The arena hosts many challenges and has you battle different team compositions. Below is a list of teams and examples of the best styles to use against them.

Team 1

The first team consists of styles like Emerald, Azami, Gerard, Cat, and Mariah.

Recommended styles to use:

  • SS Albert
  • SS Jamil
  • SS Monika (Christmas)


Team 1 Walkthrough

Team 2

The second team involves fighting Sif, Ginny, Riki, Rouge, and Undine.

Recommended styles to use:

  • SS Jamil
  • SS Barbara
  • SS Blue


Team 2 Walkthrough

Team 3

The third team is composed of Michael, Katarina, Thomas, Julian, and Monika.

Recommended styles to use:

  • SS Azami
  • SS Cat
  • SS Dantag


Team 3 Walkthrough

Trophy Exchange List

The trophy comes as a reward after the first completion of the battle quest. For example, you can obtain the silver trophy which can be exchanged for Silver Piece or Expedition Tickets.

Below is a list of rewards, cost, and stock.

Reward Cost Stock
SS Emerald Piece 5 20
SS Gerard Piece 5 20
SS Michael Piece 5 20
SS Katarina Piece 5 20
SS Rouge Piece 5 20
SS Sif Piece 5 20
Aurum x10,000 6 20
Instant Expedition Tickets 3 50

Silver Trophy Exchange List

Reward Cost Stock
Instant Expedition Tickets 55 200
Silver Piece 60 200

Reward Priority

Invest on the SS pieces

The order of exchanging for rewards is dependent on your team composition. In other words, if you have styles like Rouge and Gerard but don’t have the others, you would want to exchange for the ones you already have to enhance their level cap. However, if you have multiple SS styles, you may opt to check the tier list to determine the team composition you would wish to improve on.

Exchange for aurum and tickets

Aurum and tickets are valuable since stats and skill enhancements require them to train styles faster.

Other SS style pieces

Although this route takes a while to accomplish, you might also want to invest on styles that are relatively faster to obtain through grinding. For example, SS Katarina can be obtained by converting her SS pieces to form her style. She appears often as SS style pieces from the Egg Clearing Exchange.

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