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This guide is written based on Japanese rough translations. We will update this page as we go along.

Guide on the Treasure Cave in Romancing Saga Re Universe. Included are an overview, types of maps, drops, and tips.

Treasure Cave

What is treasure cave?

Treasure cave are event quests that give a generous amount of rare drops. In order to start a treasure cave quest, you need to collect Treasure Cave maps. While the event is active, battle quests on main have a chance to drop the map.

Types of maps

There are two kinds of treasure cave maps. One is the normal Treasure Cave Map and the other is the golden SS Treasure Cave Map. You can test each quest to see which one you’re most comfortable going through to hunt for these maps. Bear in mind that the golden SS Treasure Cave Map has a low chance to drop.

Below is a list of Treasure Cave Quests and the required maps.

Quest Type of Map Number of maps
Treasure Cave Treasure Cave Map 50
Treasure Cave Spree Treasure Cave Map 250
Treasure Cave (Golden) 1 SS Treasure Cave Map 1
Treasure Cave (Golden) 2 SS Treasure Cave Map 5

Use maps

After collecting enough treasure maps, head over to the battle quests. From the Home page, choose Quest, and then select Challenge.

The treasure map quest appears as a bonus quest and has you go through a boss rush for the common boss enemies.


Different types of materials will appear after completing a treasure cave quest. Items range from staple consumables like aurum, expedition tickets, stamina potions, gear enhancement materials, and awakening materials. The treasure cave maps are great sources for aurum.

Best styles

Here is a list of styles that boost the drop for aurum.

Style Feature
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - SS CatCat Increased Profits III (10% boost in aurum earned)
Bernie Increased Profits III (10% boost in aurum earned)
Guella Ha Increased Profits III (7% boost in aurum earned)

Treasure Cave Comparison

Treasure Cave Spree requires 250 maps to unlock which is five times the amount of the regular one. The Spree variant also offers five times the drop. That being said, the drops are slightly different. Between the two, Treasure Cave Spree comes with the chance to possibly give you a boosted rate of platinum gacha tickets which can be useful for summoning.

Treasure Cave

The first cave quest involves fighting the Golden Baum. The fight is fairly easy.

Possible drops

Golden Treasure Cave

Possible drops

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