Romancing Saga Re Universe - How to Get SS Rouge

A guide on how to get SS Rouge in Romancing Saga Re Universe. Included are strategies on how to clear the Water Dragon boss battle in chapter 2 of the main story, recommended party, boss strategy, and features of SS Rouge.

Romancing Saga Re Universe

How to Get SS Rouge from Water Dragon Battle Quest

What is the Water Dragon Battle?

The Water Dragon is a boss encountered during chapter 1-2-12 (Door to the Summit) of the main story. The boss appears when you reach round 3.

Defeating the Water Dragon grants you some useful rewards, including the strong SS Style Rouge. The Water Dragon is a fairly challenging boss, though you can work with other players to take it down.

Aside from the Style, a good amount of experience can also be obtained by defeating the Water Dragon. Since it is encountered relatively early in the game, new players should aim for it when stating out.

Strategies for Chapter 1-2-12

Minimum combat strength of 4,000 to 5,000

While the Water Dragon is encountered in Chapter 1, it is not recommended to attempt the fight with a weak party.

Being aware of enemy weaknesses and resistances is also important when taking on the Water Dragon or any boss in the game.

Have slash resistance

The Water Dragon mainly uses slash and cold attribute attacks so characters with resistance against them are recommended to reduce damage as much as possible. Below are characters with slash and cold resistance that you should use for the fight.

  • S Flurry
  • SS Thistle
  • SS Alkaiser
  • SS Ellen
  • SS Katarina

Attacks other than physical and cold are effective

Heat, thunder, yin, and yang attribute attacks are effective against the Water Dragon. Be careful, however, when using characters that use heat attacks as some of them are weak to the cold attribute. Below are characters with access to heat attacks and have at least 0 resistance to cold.

  • SS Emerald
  • S Miriam
  • SS Will

Recommended Party

Recommended Party
Romancing Saga Re Universe - KatarinaKatarina Romancing Saga Re UniverseEllen Romancing Saga Re Universe - AlkaiserAlkaiser Romancing Saga Re Universe - ThistleThistle Romancing Saga Re Universe - CatCat

The party displayed above only represents the ideal setup to defeat the Water Dragon. Note that the boss can be beaten with a party of your own.

Boss Clearing Tips

Test out the strongest party you can form.

Form a party with your strongest characters while keeping in mind the strategies mentioned above as much as possible. Since a variety of attributes are effective against the Water Dragon, a mage character can exploit these weaknesses by equipping elemental staves. The character can be obtained in chapters 3-1-6 to 3-2-4.

Auto-attack with strong physical attackers.

If you have managed to train any strong physical attackers, you can simply have them auto-attack until the Water Dragon is defeated. This allows you to clear the battle faster, though only if you have powerful attackers that can inflict decent damage with normal attacks.

Water Dragon Stats


Romancing Saga Re Universe - Water Dragon BossWater Dragon
System Sex Characteristic
Floating Dragon

Attribute Resistances

Slash Strike Pierce Heat
0 0 0 -35
Cold Thunder Light Shadow
+125 -35 -35 -35

Status Condition Resistances

Poison Darkness Stun Paralyze
0 0 +50 +125
Sleep Petrify Confuse Charm
0 +125 +999 +999
Berserk Faint
+999 +999

Lesser Enemies

Viper Creeper
Weakness Cold, thunder Weakness Heat
Resistance Slash, heat Resistance Strike, cold

SS Rouge

Romancing Saga Re Universe - SS Rouge

Rouge is a character that appeared in Saga Frontier. In Romancing Saga Re Universe, Rouge is a Jammer type style who specializes in shadow attribute skills and can attack single or multiple targets. These make him an excellent addition to your party for a style who acquired as an enemy reward.

Rouge is among the best styles to get in the game and is useful for early to late game and other difficult challenges. This makes him ideal for leveling up to 50.

Gacha Reroll Tier List

S Rouge

Romancing Saga - S Rouge

An S Rouge can be obtained upon reaching chapter 8 of the main story. While not as outwardly impressive as his SS counterpart, S Rouge easily gains intellect thanks to its style bonus. S Rouge can also paralyze enemies, which is good for grinding missions or daily content.

Abilities Values (Stat) Growth Guide

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