Romancing Saga Re Universe - Style Enhancement

Guide on style enhancement in Romancing SaGa Re;Universe. Included are the basic mechanics to upgrading styles, how to earn style EXP, and strategies for raising style level.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - How to Level Up Styles

How to Level Up Styles

Enhancing Styles

In Romancing Saga Re Universe, styles level up by manually allocating style EXP earned from battles and expeditions. Go to the dojo from the menu and select a style you wish enhance.

Style Tier List

Style Levels

A character’s base attribute level remains the same regardless of the style you equip, though each style will have their own style level. To raise each style’s level efficiently, you must first familiarize yourself with their unique features. From there, level up each style based on your intended role for the character.

Which style should you focus on?

If your highest priority is to have a style with the highest attribute values (stats) possible, you should focus on SS rank styles. These have the best attribute modifiers which easily translates to higher damage values, defense, speed, chances of inflicting status conditions, and other easily identifiable benefits.

Despite the advantages of using SS rank styles mentioned, it is also important to be aware of damage type resistances. For example, an SS rank style may enjoy very high strength modifiers than its S rank version but may have significantly less resistance against slash damage. Be sure to take into account the enemies you will encounter when deciding which style to use.

The example below compares the type resistances of S rank and SS rank Katarina.

S Rank Katarina SS Rank Katarina
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Style Enhancement Guide Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Style Enhancement Guide

Note that the S rank version has more heat resistance while the SS version has more strike resistance. Having the option to use both depending on the enemies you will face in different quests is favorable, making leveling up both styles a good idea.

There are also cases where an SS rank style’s resistances do not significantly differ from those of its S rank version. In these cases, there would not be much sense in focusing on the S rank so you should allocate style EXP on another style instead. An example of this is the similar type resistances of SS rank and S rank Gerard.

S Rank Gerard SS Rank Gerard
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Style Enhancement Guide Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Style Enhancement Guide

An exception to this is if you plan to inherit skills from S rank styles. Styles will learn new skills upon leveling up, so it is worth allocating style EXP to S rank styles with useful skills you can transfer to SS rank ones.

Best Skills to Inherit

When planning to take on hard challenges or events, it is of course better to have high level SS rank styles. In summary, it is important a good balance of well-leveled SS rank and S ranks styles going through the main story but also prioritizing certain SS style for clearing hard content.

Style Attribute Growth

While an SS rank style may generally be better than lower rank ones, it may have lower attribute growth rates. Below is a summary of each style rank’s key features.

Style Rank Priority Features
SS High
  • High attribute modifiers
  • Large amount of LP
  • Hard to reach maximum style level
S High
  • Average attribute modifiers
  • Fast attribute level growth
  • Decent reliability in quests
A Low
  • Low attribute modifiers
  • Low LP
  • Very easy to reach maximum style level
  • Suitable for master level experience value

Note that the priorities indicated here may vary for certain characters with useful skills that can be transferred through inheritance.

How to Earn Style EXP

Cave Training

You can earn a lot of style EXP by through Cave Training which can be done twice a day (or more if you use jewels). It is one of the most efficient ways to enhance styles so be sure to do it daily.


You can also send 5 characters from the dojo on an expedition to gain style EXP. Note that you can still use these characters on normal quests or on another sortie.

Main Story Quests

You can grind main story quests to get a hefty amount of style EXP as well, especially if you clear them on higher difficulty. A good quest to farm for style EXP is 1-2-12 where you will need to defeat the Water Dragon. The quest also has a chance to drop an SS Rouge, a very good jammer type style who is recommended for beginners and will even be useful hard content.

Using styles with abilities that increase style EXP gain.

Certain styles have the Train for Talent ability which increases the amount of style EXP gained. By just having these styles in your party, you can slightly speed up grinding for style EXP. Note that the ability does affect style EXP gained through expeditions.

Styles with the Train for Talent ability include S rank Albert and S rank Subier.

Without Train of Talent With Train of Talent
Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Style Enhancement Guide Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Style Enhancement Guide

Benefits of Raising Style Level

Attribute value modifiers increase.

The most obvious benefit of raising style level is raising the style’s attribute modifiers. This translates to better performance in battle.

Abilities are unlocked.

Styles will learn new skills and abilities after reaching certain levels. This is important for bringing out the full potential of your style and to bring about more strategic possibilities in the party.

Master level experience can be acquired.

Master level experience raises your styles’s master level, giving your style more attack power in battle.

Breaking Style Level Cap

All styles have a maximum level cap of 30. You can raise the limit by 1 through a process called Limit Break. As indicated in the style rank features table, SS rank style level caps are harder to reach, and therefore break, than with S and A rank styles.

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