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Guide on Damage Modifiers in Romancing Saga Re Universe. Included are an overview, how to enhance damage and recovery, and reasons for possible ineffective skills.

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Damage Modifiers

Arts is set for characters that can use them and is often tied to the magician class. You can examine the character’s skills by tapping the icon next to the character’s name.

However, melee classes also have skills that can be assigned. Units that don’t have the skill in SS style can still assign them if they learn it in the S style. Some exceptions to the rule include Barbara who can’t inherit the A style.

How to enhance damage

Saga features six elements: fire, water, wind, earth, light, and darkness. You can boost the damage of each element by pairing the skill with weapons. Below is a list of examples.

Name Compatible Type Matching Weapon Details
Emerald Fire S Rank Fire canes Pair a fire cane of your choice with fire skills to amplify the fire spell’s damage.
Blue Light S Rank Light canes One of Blue’s skills may appear to be fire but it actually belongs to the light type.

How to Farm Weapons

Recovery Potency

Healing spells also depend on the unit’s power. In other words, if you match a water element recovery skill using a water cane, you can amplify the healing effect.

Ineffective Skills

Some units may suffer from having skills that are underwhelming due to lack of compatible and stackable effects. For example, Will learns 3 SS style skills that cause physical damage. However, Will can’t capitalize off physical damage in the early phases because he doesn’t get physical damage boosts. That being said, while it is possible that future patches can make these units viable, players need to thoroughly examine units to check if possible combinations are viable for the current patch.

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