Romancing Saga Re Universe - Jewel Farming Guide


Guide on Jewel Farming in Romancing Saga Re Universe. Included are an overview, ways to obtain jewels, and possible number of rewards for each method.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Jewel Farming Guide

Jewel Farming

Below is a list of ways to get jewels and the estimated amount that can be obtained:

Event or Activity Estimated Reward
First Completion Reward 50/100
Daily 10/50
Weekly 500
Total 30/50
Login Bonus
(Excludes event)
Spiral Corridor 10/50/200/300

Completing dailies would yield around 6220 jewels per month.

Complete the Main Story

Main Story Battle Quests offer Jewels when you achieve First Completion Reward. Aim to complete the story on normal, hard, and very hard to stock up on jewels.


Missions serve as milestones for reaching certain feats. That being said, each milestone gives you a fixed amount of jewels. Training for experience or doing dailies will increase the Master Level. Strengthen different styles to raise your master level more efficiently. For example, the daily Monster-Training Cave can be done efficiently with a team that consists of styles that possess EXP enhancement abilities like A Claudia.

Claim Log-in bonus and do dailies

After heading past the title screen, you will be greeted by a set of login bonus notifications. Aim to login as much as possible and complete dailies to maximize the amount of jewels that you can receive each day. In the long run, you’ll start to grow your collection of jewels. You can get as much as 60 jewels each day which should be about 1800 each month.

Jewels can come in handy for seasonal events. Below is a list of event pools that are worth saving for.

  • Christmas
  • New Year
  • Valentines Day
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • Summer

Number of Jewels obtained

First completion reward

First completion normally gives 50 to 100 jewels. The downside to this method is that you can only receive them once. Look for missions that you haven’t completed yet. After exhausting the main story missions, you can get more from upcoming event missions.


Focus on weekly missions such as Monster-Training Cave and Treasure Collection. Finish 10 of these to unlock the achievements. Your best bet is to complete them because you can only do them two times per day. Avoid using the alternative of spending jewels to unlock them.

Spiral Corridor

Aim to finish at least up to level 30 each month. Most of the levels only give 10 jewels after completion but others may give more.

Using Jewels

How to Use Jewels

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