Romancing Saga Re Universe - Leveling Guide

Guide on Leveling in Romancing Saga Re Universe. Included are an overview, tips on dojo, tips on leveling, recommended quests, and recommended method to farm pieces and aurum.

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Leveling Guide

Dojo Tips

There are many ways to strengthen your units but you need to figure out which one to focus on. Expeditions and quests should take priority over others because of deadlines. After completing them, feel free to enhance the style level, sub ability, and finally the level cap.

Leveling Guide

Regain stamina quickly

When grinding the expeditions or quests, you’ll often burn stamina fairly quickly. One way to go around it is to use tickets. Tickets give instant stamina which can be essential to strengthen your common roster. We recommend saving at least a hundred tickets for future use. You can acquire tickets from the following: shops, mission rewards, or event rewards.

Entering Quests

Boosting character’s stats can be done through the quests. When taking higher difficulty quests such as hard or very hard, there’s a limit. Choose a unit that has a style that is easy to train. For example, choose units with either A or S styles over units that have SS styles.

It’s easier to reach the upper limit if you’re grinding the easy quests. That being said, you need to determine more difficult level quests that can be done repeatedly while having the auto-battle setting to grind with ease.

Party Formation

Even with a party consisting of different characters, you can strive to get a set up working with at least one character. However, having more than one stronger character is ideal to prevent getting wiped while grinding with auto. Below is a list of recommended quests to grind while starting out.

Ruins Quest
around 10,000 1-2-12, 1-2-1 (Hard)
10,000 4 layers
14,000 5 layers 2-1-2 (Very Hard)
16,000 6 layers 2-1-5 (Very Hard), 3-1-5 (Very Hard)
18,000 6 layers 4-1-5 (Very Hard)
20,000 7 layers 4-1-5 (Very Hard)
22,000 8 layers 4-1-5 (Very Hard)
24,000 9 layers 4-1-5 (Very Hard), Spiral Corridor (29th)
26,000 10 layers 4-1-5 (Very Hard), Spiral Corridor (30th)
28,000 10 layers 4-1-5 (Very Hard), 5-2-1 (Very Hard), Spiral Corridor (30th)
30,000 4-1-5 (Very Hard), 5-2-1 (Very Hard), 7-2-1 (Very Hard)
32,000 7-2-1 (Very Hard)

Raising the Style Level Cap

Between focusing on maxing out one unit and having a balanced party, the latter gets more mileage in the long run. The reason being that SS rank units consume valuable gold pieces which can be hard to come by. That being said, you can opt to stop raising one unit once its level caps at 42 and then continue with another until you form a team composition of the same levels. Aside from raising the level, you’ll also earn style bonus and master level experience. Below is a list of level, style bonuses, and costs.

Cost for leveling and rewards

Level Style Bonus Cost
34 Master level exp 25 pieces
38 Bonus to certain stats 75 pieces
42 Master level exp 170 pieces
46 Bonus to certain stats 360 pieces
50 Bonus to all stats 600 pieces

Farming pieces and aurum

Piece and aurum are spent in order to raise the level cap. Between the two, aurum or the currency is also required for other services so be sure to keep checking for free quests.

How to obtain more pieces

There are many ways to obtain pieces. The following include: rolling the same style while summoning, buying from the shop, exchanging drops while on an event, exchanging white crystals, and reward for training many times.

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