Romancing Saga Re Universe - Spiral Corridor 77th Floor Walkthrough

Walkthrough on Floor 77 of the the Spiral Corridor in Romancing Saga Re Universe

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Spiral Corridor Walkthrough

Spiral Corridor 77th Floor Walkthrough


Best attributes to use Slash, heat, sun
Best resists to use Blunt

Spiral Corridor Walkthrough

Recommended units

Below is a list of styles and features.

Style Role Features
White Rose Princess Attacker Chocolate Ball has debuff effect
Myriam Attacker Heat attacks
All-ranged attack with hot air or fire storm
Madeleine Attacker Thunder attacks
All-ranged attack
Rocbouquet Jammer Has paralysis
Thunder attribute can be used against the boss
Thalia Jammer Has Petrify
Thomas Jammer Has Petrify


Round 1 Round 2 Round 3


There is no one size fits all style for this round because of the enemy type diversity throughout all rounds. However, slash seems to be handy despite not being effective across all enemies since they don’t resist it either.

Jammers make great additions to the team composition because the enemies have poor resistances to ailments. Paralysis and petrify are good choices for these rounds.

Round 1

The Robin Hats that appear in the first round resist many abnormal conditions barring petrify. If you don’t have a style with petrify, aim to take these out as quick as possible using powerful attacks. Cripple the remainder and then start collecting BP again.

Round 2

The next wave of enemies can be handled with some paralysis support from jammers. Between the two, bear in mind that the Elder Baboon tends to use stun and sleep which can be troublesome. Avoid using overdrive and take them out quickly.

Round 3

The demon at the back shares its weakness to the sun attribute with the Jester in front. Go for paralysis or petrify right away and then chain an overdrive combo that primarily consists of sun attacks to pick them off.

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