Romancing Saga Re Universe - Skill Grasping Guide

A guide on how to grasp skills in Romancing Saga Re Universe, including basic mechanics, how to enhance them, and the difference between grasped and learned skills.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Grasp Guide

What is Skill Grasping?

Grasping is a mechanic that allows you to learn new skills in during battle. These are different from skills gained by leveling up styles at the dojo or through inheritance.

How to Inherit Skills

How to Grasp Skills

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Skill Grasping Guide

When using a skill in battle, a lightbulb will appear above a character, indicating that a new one has been “grasped.” Note that the skills learned through grasping is independent of the character’s level. This means that a level 1 character may grasp a level 2 skill or higher.

Romancing Saga Re Universe - Skill Grasping Guide

After successfully grasping a new skill, a character will be able to use it on their next turn. Most grasped skills are learned this way, with the exception of defensive skills such as parry which are unlocked when an enemy attacks a character.

The type of skills a character can grasp depends on the current style equipped so be sure to try out as many styles as you can.

Enhancing Grasped Skills

Grasp skills are enhanced when using them in battle, indicated by the light bulb above them. Note that the stronger the enemies you are fighting, the more likely it is for the grasped skill to improve. Try to grind quests that have strong enemies and activate the grasped skills constantly to enhance them.

Learned Skills

Unlike grasped skills, learned skills are those acquired after winning a battle. A light bulb will appear above a character when the battle ends, indicating that a new skill has been learned.

Learned skills, as with the method of acquiring them, are enhanced by winning battles.

Best Skills to Inherit

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