Days Gone - Red Markers Guide

A guide on red markers in Days Gone. Included are tips on how using these red markers are as well as how to put them on enemies.

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About Markers

How to Put a Marker

Red Markers Guide

You can attach markers by using your binoculars with the X button and pressing the R2 button while looking at an enemy. When a marker is attached to an enemy, a red diamond will appear above the enemy’s head. If you find an enemy, don’t forget to attach a marker on it.

Marker Effect

Red Markers Guide

The marker can indicate the enemy’s HP. When dealing damage to an opponent, the red part inside the marker decreases. The enemy will die once the red fully drains.


Degree of Caution

Red Markers Guide

The degree of caution is a mark that appears when the enemy notices something peculiar in the area. When Deacon attacks or makes a sound, a yellow icon shows up inside the red marker. The marker will flash red and the enemy will start to attack when Deacon is fully visible to the enemy.

Making the Yellow Icon Disappear


Red Markers Guide

It is necessary to hide from these enemies in order to not alert them. If the enemies have noticed Deacon, hiding will cause their caution gauge to slowly deplete.

Hiding in Bushes

Red Markers Guide

There are many places for Deacon to hide, but the best is in tall bushes. Enemies can still find you if you are hiding behind a wall, so hiding in bushes is better. In addition, you can perform a stealth kill if an enemy approaches these bushes.

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