Death Stranding - The Drop Promotional Trailer Released

The Drop Promotional Trailer debuted on October 3, 2019. In Kojima's post, he shared that the one-minute trailer serves as a TV commercial and shows a glimpse of Sam's daily struggles as a messenger.

The Drop Promotional Trailer

Following Kojima’s announcement of the upcoming Launch Trailer, The Drop Promotional Trailer was posted on the Playstation Youtube Channel.

The first scene showed the protagonist, Sam Bridges, reaching out to distant cargo carried by the water. We then saw him dashing forward and grabbing the wet cargo. After that, the screen went white and cut to a scene where members of the Mules pursued Sam. Being carriers of the Delivery Syndrome, they were persistent in stealing Sam’s delivery. After they struck Sam’s cargo with a jolt of electricity, it fell off and floated across the water. The scene faded and we now found Sam back in a Bridges facility, possibly a flashback. Here, we saw a man, probably an unnamed prepper, sending Sam off on his journey with the cargo.

Possible Theme

The trailer seemed to be jumbled in a way. However, it is likely that Kojima arranged the order of scenes in order to show Sam’s resistance. The first scene briefly captured Sam’s mistake and, at the same time, his effort to get back up. The last scene appeared to coincide with the first as well. In that scene, we saw Sam as he left the facility to begin his mission. Overall, the video might allude to how Kojima doesn’t want any of the players to quit. The scene in Bridges could be Kojima’s way of telling the player that it is understandable to put down the controller and take a break. However, the part where Sam once again stepped out of the facility could allude to how the player should not give up in the face of an adversity. Regardless of some setbacks, such as the Mules or the Catcher at the end, he encourages the player to carry out Sam’s duty.

As the name implies, the trailer showed a scene of discord due to the existence of factions. The video, coupled with Sam’s narrative, is a testament to his struggle to survive and his efforts to help rebuild the broken states of America.

According to a fairly recent post that Kojima made on Twitter, the video is apparently a TV Commercial.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you can take a look at the promotional trailer below.

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