Romancing Saga Re Universe - Demon Tower Rocbouquet Walkthrough

Walkthrough on Demon Tower Rocbouquet Very Hard in Romancing Saga Re Universe. Included are an overview, tips, list of styles, and strategy.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Demon Tower Rocbouquet Very Hard

Demon Tower Rocbouquet Walkthrough

The battle consists of three rounds, the first pits you against Raffle Tree, Black, and finally the boss herself. The fight requires that your party must at least have 27,000 CP. In other words, the team needs enough training to reach around 700 HP each.

Form a team with only female styles

One of the boss’ skills is temptation which inflicts Charm on all styles that aren’t female or unknown gender. Aim to have the team without male styles to prevent the effects from happening.

Choose styles with INT debuff

Jammers should occupy a large portion of the team composition due to their skills to which reduce the boss’ damage. Rocbouquet has Dark Sphere and Great Summon, both of which are dark shadow spells that hit less when affected by INT debuffs.

Use status effects

The second round involves fighting Black. He doesn’t have any resistances to status effects which means that you can give jammers a time to shine. Stop Black from taking taking action using a status effect of your choice. A good composition should have at most two jammers that focus on inflicting a status effect.

List of INT debuffers

Around 3 to 4 of these.

Style Features
  • Has INT Debuff
  • Lowers INT of enemy when attacking
  • Has INT Debuff
  • Chance to regen health
  • High resistance
  • Has INT Debuff
  • Has chance to paralyze
  • Has INT Debuff
  • Has Healing Light
  • Has Dare to Hope
  • Has INT Debuff
  • Has Water of Life
  • Has Dare to Hope
  • Unknown Gender
  • INT Debuff
  • Has Water of Life
  • Has Dare to Hope

List of Jammers

At most 2 of these.

Style Features
  • High DEX and AGI
  • High pierce attacks
  • Inherits Feint from SS Monica
  • High AGI
  • Inherits Tumble and Submission
  • Great damage against the boss
  • High AGI
  • Inherits Tumble and Submission
  • Great damage against the boss
  • Inherits Water of Life
  • Inherits Lightning
  • Chance to inflict Charm
  • Doubles as a healer

Other styles

Style Features
  • High STR and AGI
  • Fares well against the first enemy
  • Has HP regen
  • Fares well against the first enemy
  • Self-Immolation comes in handy
  • Flame Whip may paralyze
  • Chance to regen HP

Sample party formation

Below is a sample team composition.

1 2 3 4 5
Jeanne Mariah Flurry Cordelia Rocbouquet


Type Effects
Rapid Stream
  1. Agi +50%, END -15%
  2. Agi +50%, END -15%
  3. Agi +50%, END -15%
  4. Agi +50%, END -15%
  5. Agi +50%, END -15%


  • Flurry ← S Flurry (Skull Splitter)
  • Rocbouquet ← S Rocbouquet (Lightning)

The team has 4 Debuffers and 1 jammer. Pass Lightning from S Rocbouquet to give the SS variant a chance to paralyze Black. Keep stacking INT Debuffs against the boss. The formation struggles against the first round which means you need to unleash powerful skills immediately before Ultrasonic waves gives you trouble.


Round 1

Ultrasonic wave can be hard to deal with if it comes out early. If the party struggles early on, you may opt to restart the match.

Unleash powerful high BP cost skills to take it out quickly. Even if you run out of BP, you’ll have time to collect more before round 3.

Round 2

Avoid spending your Overdrive charge on Black since you’ll need it for the final boss. Black has a large health pool but doesn’t have any status resists. Aim to cripple him and focus on unloading normal attacks to take him out.

Round 3

When the match begins, stack INT debuffs to weaken her spells’ damage while chaining overdrive. The first turn is often going to be temptation which will do nothing so long as your team does not have any male styles.

Continue to deal damage while cutting her INT with debuffs. You’ll want to reduce her INT to prevent her most powerful attack from wiping the team out.

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