Romancing Saga Re Universe - Gem Farming Guide

This guide is written based on Japanese rough translations. We will update this page as we go along.

A guide on how to farm gems in Romancing SaGa Re;Universe. This includes a breakdown of different gem farming sources in the game.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Gem Farming Guide

How to Farm Many Gems in Romancing SaGa Re;Universe

Gems are an essential resources in playing Romancing SaGa Re; Universe. Gems are used to spin gachas, replenish stamina, and purchase tickets for expeditions. Below is an estimate on the how many gems you can acquire in the game per month:

Breakdown of Gems

Event Gems
Weekly Logins 200 to 400 gems
Story Stage 100 gems
Story Cutscene/Event Cutscene/Event Stage 50 gems
Daily Quest 60 gems
Weekly Quest 500 gems
Level 30/50 style 50 gems
Spiral Corridor Floor 10/20/30/40/50/60/70 200/300/400/500/500/600/600 gems

In total, you can have 6,000 gems or more when you accomplish these events in a month.

Different Sources of Gems

Here is a breakdown of different sources of gems, including their conditions.

Achieve First-Time Clear Rewards

Finishing a quest for the first time will reward you gems. Gems obtained can be 50 gems to 100 gems depending on the type of quest. You can also clear limited-time events or quests for additional gems such as story events. Make sure not to miss on these events.

Raise your Styles up to Level 30

When you send out your units or styles to story quests, aim to continuously increase their level up to 30.

Romancing SaGa Re;Universe - Style Achievements

The number of gems that can be obtained when leveling a style is 50 gems.

Collect Gems from Login Bonuses and Daily Quests

Another method of acquiring gems is by collecting gems through weekly logins and daily quests.

If you complete all daily quests per day, you can acquire 60 gems in total. Accomplishing all daily quests per month can give you 1,800 gems. This means you can spin gachas up to 10 times in a month.

Save Gems for Seasonal Events

If you want to spin gachas for seasonal events such as Christmas and New Year’s without spending money, you can make use of your remaining gems to these events.

Event Schedule
Christmas Day 12/13 and 12/21
New Year’s Day 1/1 only
Valentine’s Day 2/1 only

Clear Weekly Quests

Apart from daily quests, you can also get gems by finishing weekly quests. These weekly quests include:

Weekly Quest Condition
Cavern Quest Clear 10 quests
Treasure Collection Clear 10 quests

These quests are limited to 2 quests per day and so you need to play for 5 days to clear the weekly quest.

Finish the Spiral Corridor Quests

The Spiral Corridor is a special monthly quest that gives the player an opportunity of acquire more gems. You can get 10 gems in clearing a floor for the first time. This is apart from reward for clearing a number of floors.

Spiral Corridor Floor Gem Reward
Floor 10 200 gems
Floor 20 300 gems
Floor 30 400 gems
Floor 40 500 gems
Floor 50 500 gems
Floor 60 600 gems
Floor 70 600 gems

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