Side Quests 40-49 Guide [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]


Side Quests 40-49 Guide

This article contains the compilation of the “Character-centric” Quests in Dragon Quest Heroes 2. It includes the prerequisite, Area, Time limit, Reward, and Conditions to obtain the increase in potency of certain items.

 The Side Quests generally consist of requiring certain characters and character combinations to be part of the party.

Torneko Entourage

Part 40

Objective Deliver Rare herb x 1
Area Greene grasslands
Time limit None
Reward Mini medal
Prerequisite Speak to the thoughtful woman in D-6 Zebion after the combat with Maya

To obtain a Rare herb, head to E-4 Greene grasslands

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Part 41

Objective Deliver Rare fish Meotouo x 1
Area Orenka
Time limit None
Reward Mini medal, Slime abacus
Prerequisite Finish Quest 40

Have Torneko in the party, then proceed to Orenka and finish the Battle Stage “It’s not a Fish.”

Maribel and Ruff Entourage

Part 42: Reach Jaiwarl outskirts “I will go anywhere”

Objective Find the missing children
Area None
Time limit None
Reward Mini medal
Prerequisite After Legen invasion, talk to the woman at Zebion E-6

Have both Maribel and Ruff in the party then head to Jaiwarl outskirts “I will go anywhere.”

Terry and Carver Entourage

Part 43

Objective Deliver Sturdy stick x 5, Royal soil x 5
Area None
Time limit None
Reward Mini medal
Prerequisite After Gen invasion, speak to the youngster near the alchemist at Zebion E-5

To farm for Sturdy sticks, look for any of the following monsters:

  • Over at Rozas woodlands, the Hammerhood drops it.
  • If you venture to Monster forest, you should encounter Treefaces.
  • Finally at Rao wasteland, the Mud marionette might drop this item.

As for the Royal soil, hunt for one of the following:

  • Low djinks which inhabit the Tower of Legend.
  • Similarly, High djinks and Mud mannequins at Golda drops the item.
  • Finally the Shades at Monster forest also drop it.

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Part 44: Bridge Reparation

Objective Find the extra sturdy lumber
Area Monster forest
Time limit None
Reward Mini medal x 1, Slime sword x 1, Gooey gloves x 1
Prerequisite Finish Quest 43

Put Terry and Hassan in the party and go to the Forest of the Demon Tribe Battle stage “This is our forest” achieved

This Quest requires that you have Terry and Carver in the party. Head to the Monster forest battle stage and finish “This is our forest.”

Maya and Meena Entourage

Part 45: Pursue the runaway brother

Objective Clear Great Canyon “Chase of Life”
Area None
Time limit None
Reward Mini medal x 1, Fandangoos, Slime tarot cards
Prerequisite Talk to the brother at the Amal Valley exit (Zebion F-5), after defeating King Daral.

Have Maya and Meena in your party then finish “Chase of Life.”

Part 46: Kazapple

Objective Defeat the Killing machines with Zap
Area Ihrim Snowfield
Time limit None
Reward Mini medal x 1, Learn Kazapple by talking to the instructor
Prerequisite After finishing Legen invasion, interact with the woman at Zebion E-6.

Using the Hero, perform the Zap to defeat the enemies. You are not allowed to use any other spells.

Jessica and Angelo Entourage

Part 47

Objective Defeat Walking corpse x 30
Area Rozas woodlands
Time limit None
Reward Mini medal x 1
Prerequisite ?

Part 48

Objective Escort the youngster to the woman he wants to propose to
Area Kretia
Time limit None
Reward Mini medal x 1, Slime whip x 1, Slime bow x 1
Prerequisite ?

Have Angelo and Jessica in the party before initiating this Quest.

Alena and Kyril Entourage

Part 49

Objective Rescue the bride from the kidnappers
Area Sacred mountain Regen
Time limit None
Reward Mini medal x 1, Gungenir
Prerequisite ?

Alena and Kyril must be in the party when you partake of this Quest.

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