Side Quests 31-39 Guide [Dragon Quest Heroes 2 / DQ Heroes II]

This page contains a full walkthrough of the Quests 31-39 in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, including enemies, objectives, and strategy. We will be updating this as we go along.

Side Quests 31-39 Guide

This article contains the compilation of the “Invasions and Post-Boss” Quests in Dragon Quest Heroes 2. It includes the prerequisite, Area, Time limit, Reward, and Conditions to obtain the increase in potency of certain items.

 The Side Quests generally consist of 3 which include: Unlocking items from the Blacksmith, Promoting the Profession, and Unlocking Pathways.

Conquering Lands

Part 31

Objective Defeat the Stone golem
Area Golda desert (Oasis)
Time limit None
Reward Lightning staff
Prerequisite After the invasion of Rao wasteland

You must defeat the Stone golem which lurks in Golda desert (F-6).

Part 32

Objective Defeat the Hacksauri with a Mage class in the party
Area Amal canyon
Time limit None
Reward Monocle
Prerequisite After the invasion of Sacred mountain regen

Take out 5 Hacksauri while a Mage class participates in the party.

Battle with Atlas

Part 33

Objective Defeat Flame fragment x 1
Area Rao wasteland (lava field)
Time limit None
Reward 8000 G
Prerequisite Defeat Atlas

This Quest takes place in E-5. You must retrieve the item under 10 minutes and deliver it without using any of the following actions: attacking, dashing, jumping, or teleporting.

Part 34

Objective Defeat Hammerhood x 30
Area Rozas Forest
Time limit 5 minutes
Reward Falcon blade
Prerequisite Defeat Atlas

Defeat the Boss – King Daral

Part 35

Objective Deliver Mirrorstone x 4
Area None
Time limit None
Reward Mini Medal x 3
Prerequisite Defeat King Daral

The following monsters drop the Mirrorstone, however you can find them at the Glitter place in Golda desert and Amal canyon.

  • The Golem spawns in the Battle of Jaiwarl.
  • In addition, the Killing machine which appears in Irihm Snowfield also drops this item.

Part 36

Objective Deliver Lambswool x 4
Area None
Time limit None
Reward Tectonic orb
Prerequisite Defeat King Daral

Hunt the following monsters to obtain Lambswool.

  • Splatypunk which inhabits the area during the Battle of Amal canyon / Orenka drops it.
  • During the Battle of Ihrim Snowfield, you will encounter the Powie yowie.

Part 37

Objective Defeat Killing machines using Lightning spells/ abilities
Area Ihrim Snowfield
Time limit None
Reward Wyvern wand
Prerequisite Defeat King Daral

Hunt for the Missing lynx

Part 38

Objective Deliver Bushy fur x 10
Area None
Time limit None
Reward Bonding stone
Prerequisite Defeat Missing lynx

To obtain a Bushy fur you must hunt any of the following monsters.

  • Head to Greene grasslands and take out the Crack-billed platypunk.
  • Alternatively you could opt to defeat Hammerhoods in Rozas woodlands.
  • If you choose to travel to Irihm Snowfield, battling Silvepithecus is another option.

Duel with the Twin Kings

Part 39

Objective Defeat Hoodlums x 10
Area Zebion Free Battle
Time limit None
Reward Knockout rod
Prerequisite Defeat the Twin kings

To finish this Quest, you must enter the Free Battle – Zebion while a Martial artist class is in the party. The task is to defeat ten Hoodlums.

In order to reach Zebion, you have to speak to Gagora who idles by the Shrine of trials.

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