Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Earning Money in USUM: Guide

This article focuses on earning money in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, including methods to earn Pokedollars before and after story completion.

Common ways to Earn Money

Below are the items and methods to help you earn money in the early-, middle-, and late-stages of the game.

Advanced Preparation

  • Get an Amulet Coin.
    How to obtain the Amulet coin:

    • You can obtain the Amulet coin for 11,000 Pokédollars at a shop in Konikoni City.
    • You can also obtain an Amulet Coin at Paniola Ranch. It can be found next to a barn and a stack of boxes.
  • Activate “Happy Hour” to earn more money in battle. Happy Hour doubles the reward you receive from winning a battle.
  • By pre-ordering Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, you can obtain an “Own Tempo” Rockruff that has the “happy hour” move.
    How to receive early purchase perks

    • People who have pre-purchase benefits can also receive Happy Hour Munchlax.

Earning Money Before the End of the Story Mode

If you’re on Akala Island, you can earn money by doing the following activities:

Pyukumuku Bite

Place Contents
Akala Island Hano Grand Resort Examine six Pyukumuku wandering the beach and return them to the sea.

Talk to a man on the beach to activate a sidequest. After clearing all Pyukumuku, you will obtain 20000 Pokédollars  (once a day only).

  • Note: If you step on a portion of rippling sand, a Pyukumuku will appear.

Hunting the Wimpod

Place Contents
Coast South of Akala Island Route 8 Corner Wimpod with Tauros’ dash.

On the coast south of Route 8, Wimpod emerges. When you defeat the Bug-type Pokémon, you’ll gain the following items:

  1. Big Pearl (4,000 Pokédollars)
  2. Nugget (5,000 Pokédollars)
  3. Big Nugget (20,000 Pokédollars)

① It’s easy to earn money if you follow the order from number 1 to 3.

Note: because it will quickly flee if you approach it normally, use Tauros’ dash and look for Wimpod to fight and eventually defeat it.

Looking for Pokémon

If you’ve caught Pokémon on your travels, you can earn dollars from people who want to receive their Pokedex entries.

Note: You don’t need to have the Pokémon on hand.

Island Name Person Pokémon Reward
Melemele Island Woman on the left side of the Pokémon center in Hau’oli City. Abra (Found in Hau’oli City) 10,000 Pokédollars
The woman on the left side of the Pokémon center 2 on Route 2. Crabrawler (Found on Route 2 /Northern portion of Route 3) 3,000 Pokedollar
Man on Route 1 / Route 3 Sableye (Ten Carat Hill – Grass) 3,000 Pokédollars
Akala Island Man on the right in Heahea City’s Apparel Store Salazzle (Wela Volcano park, evolved from Salandit) 10,000 Pokédollars
Boys on Route 5  left of the Pokémon Center Corsola (Melemele Sea (Fishing)) 3,000 Pokédollars
Aether Foundation Base, Route 8 Goomy (Lush Jungle. Can also appear as an SOS companion.) 5,000 Pokédollars
Konikoni City’s Pokémon Center Aether Foundation staff Xatu 5,000 Pokédollars
Ulaula Island A man at a boutique in Malie City Minior (Mt. Hokulani) 10,000 Pokédollars
A woman on the Malie City side of Route 10 Look for 8 hidden Stuffuls 15,000 Pokédollars +Headband of the future
Aether Foundation representative in front of the Pokémon Center Cafe on the Route 16. Garchomp (Haina Desert) 20,000 Pokédollars

Battle Buffet

Although you could only do the previous jobs at least once a day, this work allows you to earn money multiple times all over!

For details of Battle Buffet, click here. (?)

Earning Money in the Post-Game Mode

Reward from Team Rainbow Rocket

When clearing “Team Rainbow Rocket,” which occurs after finishing the main story mode, you’ll get x55 Big Nuggets.

Stronger Elite Four

When you go to the Pokemon League after clearing the game, you can challenge a stronger version of the elite four and champion in another duel. Remember to prepare an “Amulet Coin”, and “Rotopon” before you enter the battle.

Destroying Rocks with Tauros

Place Contents
Poni Breaker Coast Earn money by selling the loot you receive from crushing rocks with Tauros.
  • At Poni Breaker Coast, after entering the Hall of Fame, proceed Northeast of Ancient Poni Path → Poni Grove → Poni Plains


  1. Stardust (1,500 Pokédollars)
  2. Star Piece (6,000 Pokédollars)
  3. Comet Shard (30,000 Pokédollars)


  1. Destroy the four boulders at Poni Coast and proceed north.
  2. As soon as you’re on the Ancient Poni Path, take a U-turn and go back to Poni Coast.
  3. Destroy the four boulders at Poni Coast again, then go south.
  4. Upon destroying the boulders in Poni Plains, return immediately, to Poni Coast.
  5. Repeat 1 to 4 as many times as you want, and you can earn up to 200,000 Pokédollars in 10 minutes.

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