Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Individual Values: Guide

Individual Values are inherent values in a Pokemon that affect their growth in-game. Depending also how they're trained can also affect their performance...

What are IVs (Individual Values)?

IVs in the Pokémon lore are known as Individual Values. Each of these individual values fall under the five different stats of the pokemon: attack, defense, special attack, special defense, and speed. Depending on the pokemon, these IVs will also determine the growth of your pokemon as you continue to level them up.

The Individual Values also determines which stat will increase per level along with per amount. The amount of Individual Values also varies in the Pokémon which reflects on their base value. However, there are other things that affect IVs. One of those factors include the nature of the Pokémon. Another being the vitamins such as the Carbos, Iron, Protein, Calcium, and etc. While most IVs are fixed, Hyper Training can alter the values to a certain extent.

From Generation III onwards, IVs now have a wider range but lower influence. Other factors include its nature and whether or not it’s a shiny pokemon. But contrary to popular belief, the Individual Value calculation varies between stats. HP has a different calculation in comparison to the other stats.

individual values
HP Calculation
Other Stats Calculation

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