Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Battle Tree Information on Mallow: Guide

You can battle trainers at the Battle Tree. When you first arrive at the Battle Tree, you can battle with either Red or Blue.

Battle Tree Information on Mallow

Battle Tree Mallow

How to Battle Mallow at the Battle Tree

After every 10 battles at the Battle Tree Super Single, Super Double, and Super Multi; there is a chance of encountering her.

Mallow’s Pokemon

The following Pokemon that will be used by Pokemon Trainer Mallow will be chosen at random. Since no two Pokemon of the same species may enter, only one of the two possible Held Item and move sets will be chosen.

Pokémon Type Possible Moves Held Item
Sceptile Grass Leaf Storm
Focus Blast
Energy Ball
White Herb
Leaf Blade
Dual Chop
Rock Slide
Talonflame Fire
Swords Dance
Quick Attack
Focus Sash
Brave Bird
Flare Blitz
Quick Attack
Swords Dance
Sitrus Berry
Trevenant Ghost
Horn Leech
Shadow Claw
Choice Band
Trick Room
Focus Blast
Energy Ball
Shadow Ball
Iron Ball
Toucannon Normal
Beak Blast
Rock Blast
Bullet Seed
Sitrus Berry
Beak Blast
Rocky Helmet
Lurantis Grass Solar Blade
Leech Life
Poison Jab
Power Herb
Sunny Day
Solar Blade
Brick Break
Quick Claw
Tsareena Grass Trop Kick
High Jump Kick
Play Rough
Assault Vest
Trop Kick
High Jump Kick
Play Rough
Choice Scarf
Comfey Fairy Dazzling Gleam
Petal Blizzard
Grassy Terrain
Floral Healing
Grassium Z
Draining Kiss
Calm Mind
Sweet Kiss
Leech Seed
Big Root

Strategies to Defeat Mallow

To counter the Trial Captain who specializes in Grass-Types, assign at least one Fire or Flying-Type. If you’re not fond of the above mentioned types, Poison-Types such as Muk (Alola) can also occupy a slot as not only do these resist Grass but also Fairy-Types. As a matter of fact, the latter types can even launch powerful damage to both of those opposing types, making them advantageous for this battle.

Although Mallow serves as the Grass-type specialist, she might carry some exceptions such as Talonflame. Therefore it is recommended to have a Pokemon with the Rock-Type move such as Rock Blast as it can deal four times the amount of damage to Mallow’s Talonflame while resisting both its flying and fire-type attacks.

Ninetales (Alola) with the hidden ability can summon hail upon a safe switch-in and could deal chip damage to Talonflame, removing the effects of its Focus Sash. It is also capable of launching a powerful STAB Blizzard during a hailstorm which can take out most of Mallow’s Grass-Type Pokemon and does a decent amount of damage to Talonflame thanks to its part flying typing.

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  1. Mallow is severely underrated in the BT. If you build a specific team around her Pokémon, then you’re in for some fun!