Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Ula’Ula Island: Walkthrough Directory

This page contains a Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Walkthrough directory for Ula’Ula Island, including Sophocles’s Trial, Acerola’s Trial, Grand Trial and Aether Paradise.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon: Ula’Ula Island Walkthrough

Ula’Ula Island

Ula’Ula Island walkthrough
Walkthrough Obtain / Unlock
Sophocles’ trial Electrium Z / Steelium Z / Lycanium Z / TM29 “Psychic”/ TM06 “Toxic”/ TM72 “Thunder Wave”/ TM72 Volt Switch
Acerola’s trial Ghostium Z / Ride Pager: Mudsdale / TM30 “Shadow Ball”
Grand trial  Buginium Z / Darkinium Z / TM62 “Acrobatics” / TM81 “X-Scissor” / TM80 “Rock Slide” / TM36 “Sludge Bomb”
Aether Paradise  Master Ball

Malie City

  • Battle with Hau in front of the Pokemon Center.
  • Head to Malie Garden with Professor Kukui.

Malie Garden

  • Talk to Professor Kukui at the tea room.

Malie City

  • Meet with Lillie (she’ll tell you to meet her at the Malie City Library).
  • When you meet with Lillie at the library, you will encounter Hapu.
  • Listen to information about the Legendary Pokemon from Acerola.

Route 10

  • You will be challenged by Team Skull again at the bus stop.
  • Ride the bus with Professor Kukui to reach Mount Hokulani.

Mount Hokulani – Mount Hokulani Observatory

  • You will get the Steelium Z-Crystal from Molayne.
  • Follow Molayne to the  Mount Hokulani Observatory.
  • You will meet Trial Captain Sophocles. You need to solve a puzzle to initiate the Trial. The answers are shown below.
    • First time: 1 upper left switch, 1 right upper switch.
    • Second time: 1 lower left switch, 2 lower right switch.
    • Third time: 1 lower left switch, 2 upper right switches, 2 upper left switches
  • For the Trial, you need to battle the Totem Pokemon Togedemaru.
  • Get the Professor’s Mask from Molayne to give to Professor Kukui.

Malie City

  • You will be challenged by Team Skull Boss Guzma.
  • Guzma will give you a Z-Crystal (Decidueye Z, Incineroar Z or Primarina Z) after you defeat him.
  • Give the Professor’s Mask to Professor Kukui.

Route 11

  • Show the Z-Crystal that Guzma gave you to pass the checkpoint.
  • Pass through Route 12.
  • You will encounter Hapu and get Mudslae Poke Ride.

Route 13

  • Hau and Gladion will appear.

Tapu Village

  • You will hear information about the Pokemon League, as well as the next Trial Captain’s whereabouts.
  • The Ultra Recon Squad will appear and talk to you about Necrozma.

Route 15

  • Reach the Aether House and defeat the Preschoolers there.
  • Outside the Aether House, you will be challenged by Team Skull again.
  • Trial Captain Acerola will now allow you to start the Trial.

Route 14

  • Begin Acerola’s Trial at the Thrifty Megamart.

After Acerola’s Trial

  • You will be challenged by Acerola to a battle.

Route 15

  • Plumeria will appear and challenge you outside the Aether House.
  • Talk to Grimsley at the beach to get the Sharpedo Ride Pager.

Route 16

  • Pass through Route 16 to reach Ula’ula Meadow.

Ula’ula Meadow

  • Faba will appear and talk about Team Skull.

Route 17

  • Proceed to Team Skull’s base to challenge them.
  • A mysterious man opens an entrance to the base so you can go inside.

Po Town

  • Head to the furthest area of the town while battling Team Skull members along the way.
  • When you reach the mansion, head to the Boss’ Room. The passwords in order are: Beat Up, Golisopod, Tapu Cocoa and No.
  • You will be challenged by Team Skull Boss Guzma inside the room.
  • Outside the mansion, you will encounter Nanu and Acerola.

Route 15

  • Return to the Aether House. Hau will talk to you there.
  • You will be challenged by Gladion to a battle.

Malie City

  • After defeating Gladion, Trial Captain Nanu will challenge you.
  • Go to Aether Paradise with Hau and Gladion.

Aether Paradise

  • Ride the elevator to the first floor and battle Faba.
  • Ride the elevator to the second floor and defeat the Aether Foundation employees there.
  • Enter the room at the back of the aisle and defeat more Aether Foundation employees with Hau.
  • You can check the area for research notes about Cosmog and the Ultra Beasts.
  • On your way back to the entrance, you will encounter more Aether Foundation employees.
  • Follow Hau and Gladion. You will be challenged by Faba again.
  • Follow Gladion and defeat Guzma at the mansion.
  • Inside the mansion, you will battle Dulse (Ultra Sun) or Soliera (Ultra Moon).
  • Proceed further into the mansion to find Lillie and Lusamine.
  • Battle Lusamine in the collection room.
  • Follow Lusamine and Guzma to the Ultra Wormhole.
  • When you return to the mansion, you will find Lillie outside.
  • Head to Poni Island.

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