Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - How to Get a 4 IV Ditto: Guide

Learn how to capture a four IV Ditto reliably by using the SOS chaining method in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

How to Get a 4 IV Ditto


  • Multiple Adrenaline Orbs
  • A Leppa Berry
  • A Pokemon with False Swipe, such as Weavile
  • A Pokemon with Switcheroo, such as Alolan Persian
  • A Trubbish with the Stench ability and whose only move is Recycle
Sneasel/Weavile Moves TM
False Swipe TM54
Substitute TM90
Filler  –

Filler moves can be any high PP moves such as Brick Break and Thief.

How to trigger SOS calls

  • Prepare a Trubbish with the Stench ability and has Recycle as its only move.
  • Prepare a Pokemon holding a Leppa Berry and knows Switcheroo.

Trubbish can be caught in the grass patches of Malie City Outer Cape. To remove Trubbish’s other moves, proceed to the Hau’Oli City Pokemon Center and talk to the Move Deleter inside. In order to teach Recycle to Trubbish, head to Lanakila Mountain’s Pokemon Center and surrender a Heart Scale to the old woman there. Alolan Meowth can be found in Hau’Oli city’s grass. Level it up until it evolves into Persian. Return to the old woman and give her another Heart Scale to teach Switcheroo to the Alolan Persian. Finally, give it a Leppa Berry to hold.

Hunting a High IV Ditto through SOS Chain

  1. Place Trubbish in the first slot of the party.
  2. Encounter a Wild Ditto at the Mount Hokulani grass patches.
  3. Use an Adrenaline Orb.
  4. When Ditto transforms into Trubbish, switch out Trubbish for Alolan Persian.
  5. Order Alolan Persian to use Switcheroo to pass the Leppa Berry to Ditto.
  6. Switch your Pokemon to the one with False Swipe and then attack.
  7. Use False Swipe on the Ditto to leave its HP at 1.
  8. It will eventually call for an ally, defeat the ally called by Ditto through SOS.
  9. Capture the Ditto that appears on the 31st time.

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