Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Lucky Egg: Guide

Know more about the Lucky Egg, one of the most useful items to earn more EXP in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon for the Nintendo 3DS.

Lucky Egg

A Pokemon holding a Lucky Egg will gain 50% more experience than what it would normally gain in battle (making the total experience gained 150%).

The Lucky Egg is one of the most essential items that Pokemon pros and veterans are using in order to strengthen and improve their Pokemon’s skills faster and easier.

Since it becomes available only after being inducted into the Hall of Fame, the Lucky Egg does not hinder the difficulty of the main story, which makes the game more fair for beginners who only wants to play through the story.

Besides this item, there are also several ways that you can earn EXP faster. Click here to know more about the methods to earn more EXP in the game.

How to Obtain

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, you need to complete the main story first and have at least 50 captured Pokemon. Once you’ve done these requirements, go to Melemele Island and head to the professor’s lab. Talk to the Professor and he will give you the item.

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