Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Hidden Ability

We introduce and discuss the Hidden Ability feature of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon and how to inherit it from one Pokemon to another.

Hidden Ability

In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon you can get Pokemon with Hidden Ability by the following method.

SOS Call

Wild Pokemon sometimes call for assistance when they’re in a losing battle. This trait has a higher chance of being activated after the 10th time a Pokemon has called for help.

Look at Pokemon who have learned Entrainment, Skill Swap and Worry Seed to check if they have learned a Hidden Ability

▶ SOS Battle Guide

How to inherit Hidden Abilities

During Breeding, if a female Pokemon with a Hidden Ability breeds with a male Pokemon in a compatible Egg Group, the new born Pokemon will have a 60% change of obtaining the ability.

Parent 1 Parent 2 Inherited
Hidden Ability ♀ Normal Ability ♂ Yes
Normal Ability ♀ Hidden Ability ♂ No
Hidden Ability ♂ Ditto Yes

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