Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Fortune Teller Phrase at the Festival Plaza: Guide

Everytime you enter the Festival Plaza, you can head towards the Fortune Teller tents to figure out which area will you benefit the most from.

Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller tent is a place the player can go to figure out where they’ll make the most Festival Coins. In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, players now have to figure out the different phrases that have different effects. Some effects may be more beneficial than others. However, unlike other facilities, the Fortune Teller phrases have different star ranks all of which are equally important. In order to unlock all phrases, the player must buy a minimum of 9 Fortune Teller Tents (including the version exclusive ones).

Version Exclusive Tents

However, not all the Fortune Teller tents are available in one version. The only common Fortune Teller tent in both games is the Pokemon House. Below are the Fortune Teller tents in each version:

US &UM Ultra Sun Only Ultra Moon Only
 Pokemon House Johto Kanto
 – Sinnoh Hoenn
Kalos Unova

Pokemon House

1,2 … Tada! Why you!
There! All Happy and Healthy! The power of science is awesome.
How’s the future Champ today? Your Pokémon seems to be very happy!
Would you like to use Cut? Saving…
There’s nothing funny about Nuggets. No thanks!

Kanto House

Well, I better get going! Bonjour!
Smell ya later! Sorry! Bad Call!
You better have Burn Heal! Hoo! Hah!
Pokémon are for battling! Slowbro took a snooze…
Shades of your journey await! You’re 10,000 light-years from facing Brock!
Hey! Wait! Don’t go out! Hiya I’m a Pokemon!
What do you want? What!? This can’t be!
Mew! Be gone… Intruders…

Johto House

Dragonite, Hyper Beam! Spread the fun around!
I bought an adorable doll with your money. What are you staring at?
I just don’t understand. Everyone is into Pokémon.
I’m going to train 24 hours a day! I’m the real deal!
With a jolt of electricity… For 10 years… I chased Suicune.
I am just so deeply moved! We have finally made it!
…But selling Slowpoke Tails? Shaoooh!
Gyaaas! You’ve taken your first step!

Hoenn House

I’m just the strongest there is right now. And confoundedly elegant!
You guys need some imagination. You made a much bigger splash!
You ended up giving me a thrill! So what am I talking about…
I’m not buying any dolls. Take your time and rest up!
Have a blast, Pokémon Trainers! I got ashes in my eyelashes!
You’re sharp! Number of collisions: 5 times!
Please help out! I can’t see Mirage Island today…
Hyahhn! Shwahhn!

Sinnoh House

Your will is overwhelming me! This is it! My trump card!
Trying to monopolize Pokémon just isn’t… See? Just as analyzed.
Gagyagyaah! Gugyugubah!
It’s a $10 million fine if you’re late! I’m going to get tougher…
You’ll never be able to stem the flow of time! Please come!
Your team! I sense your strong aura! What do you think you’re doing?!
The ring is my rolling sea. ♪ I was just thinking out loud.
My code name, it is Looker. It’s not possible that I lose!

Unova House

Knock it off! Bravo! Excellent!!
I’ll defeat the Champion. You’re about to feel my rage!
Nimbasa’s Pokémon can dance a nimble bossa! Use Bug-type Pokémon!
Stop! People call me Mr. Medal!
Trainer, do your best, too! See who’s stronger!
Plasbad, for short! I won’t allow anyone to stop me!
I was expecting exactly that kind of move! Bazzazzazzash!
Preeeeaah! Haaahraaan!

Kalos House

We’ll become friends. ♪ I’ll see you later!
These people have a few screws loose… I want to know what a “Trainer” is.
When I lose, I go out in style! Let’s give it all we’ve got!
Fantastic! Just fantastic! Outstanding!
Try as hard as possible! Stop right there!
That really hit me right here… But this is adieu to you all.
You’re just too much, you know? Fool! You silly, unseeing child!
Xsaaaaaah! Yvaaaaaar!

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