Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - How to get a Master Ball: Guide

The Master Ball is most powerful pokeball known in existence. In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, players usually get one but can get more using these ways.

Master Ball

For those who have played the Pokemon Games, the Master Ball was the end-all or end-game of all pokeballs. The Master Ball is capable of catching anything at 100% success without struggle. Most tips for using this kind of pokeball often included not wasting it on some wild pokemon in the wild. Other times, players wouldn’t even use it even against a legendary as a means to challenge themselves.

This powerful pokeball is not available in any shop. It’s not the kind of item that players can just randomly walk into the Poke Mart to go grab one and be on their merry way. Hence, debate with yourself first as to when you truly wish to use the Master Ball. In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, you have the four deities of the island and your main legendary: Solgaleo or Lunala depending on the version.

Despite there usually only being one master ball, there are other ways to procure this powerful item.

How to get the Master Ball

  • Main Storyline
    • Playing the Main Storyline assures you a 100% chance of getting the item. After battling it out with Lusamine of Aether Paradise, Gladion will give the item to you once you win.
  • ID Lottery
    • This particular way of getting the item is rather RNG (Random Number Generator) based. You have to either be really lucky or trade a lot of Pokemon.
    • In order to access the ID Lottery, head to Hau’oli City where you’ll find the Alola Tourist Information Centre in the shopping area.
    • From there, draw out a lot. And if your pokemon has at least 5 digits, you’ll win a Master Ball in exchange.
  • Festival Plaza
    • Unfortunately, this is more luck-based than the ID Lottery. In the Festival Plaza, players have to play the lottery.
    • However, the prizes are not consistent and the Master Ball is a random pick from the lottery.

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