Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Finding Shiny Pokemon: Guide

Having trouble finding Shiny Pokemon in Ultra Sun and Moon? Read our Shiny Pokemon guide to know different methods in finding these rare Pokemon variants.

Finding Shiny Pokemon

A Shiny Pokemon is a rare variant of the creatures found in the games. These rare Pokemon have different colors from the ones that you would usually see in the grass or in gyms. Although they are different in terms of color, that is the only difference that they possess as they  have the same move set from their common counterparts.

The probability of finding a Shiny Pokemon in Ultra Sun and Moon is 1/1024 which makes finding them really difficult. However, we can show you several method on how you can obtain a Shiny Pokemon faster through this guide.

Ultra Wormhole

There are various Pokemon that you can encounter and capture in the Ultra Wormhole. There is a slightly higher chance of encountering a Shiny Pokemon in this area. Here is a list of Pokemon that you can encounter in the area (this list is incomplete, but we will update this once the game releases)

For information about the Ultra Wormhole Locations in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, you check go to the article below.

Pokemon found in Ultra Wormhole
Crustle Heliolisk
Swellow Hippowdon
Nuzleaf Audino
Sigilyph Swanna
Altaria Medicham
Drapion Quagsire
Lombre Grumpig
Floatzel Magcargo
Stunfisk Yanmega

SOS Battle

In SOS Battles, enemy Pokemon would often call one ally to help him/her in battle. There is a chance that these allies are Shiny, but the probability is still very low. In addition, SOS Battles doesn’t always happen in the game, so the chance of finding a Shiny Pokemon in this mode of battle is low.

Shiny Charm

The Shiny Charm is a key item that you can obtain in the game. This item increases the chance of encountering a Shiny Pokemon from 1/1024 to 1/683. The probability is still vert low, but having this key item can make the process faster. In the original Sun and Moon games, you can get the Shiny Charm at the Game Freak office in Heahea City. You need to speak to the game directory after obtaining all the Pokemon in the Alola Pokedex (except for Mythical Pokemon).

Masuda Method

You can get a Shiny Pokemon by using the Masuda Method. The Masuda Method requires you to send a Pokemon from a game file to another game file but with a different language. For example, if you have a Bulbasaur from a Japanese version of the game, you can send it to an American version of the game. Then, you will have to breed this Bulbasaur with another Bulbasaur (captured or obtained in your main game file) at the daycare.

The probability of them having a Shiny Pokemon offspring is slightly higher than the standard method of finding a Shiny Pokemon. However, if you have a Shiny Charm, you can further increase the chance of hatching a Shiny Pokemon.

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  1. In Pokemon let’s go eevee, I was in the forest by your hometown and I found a sparkling thing and I went up to it and it was a shiny Bellsprout (btw I was new)