Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Unlocking Ash’s Pikachu: Guide

UPDATE: The PIKACHUM20 code can only be used for the Sun/Moon game version only. As for the QR code, only those who watched the previous fathom event-sponsored screenings will have the actual QR code. We deeply apologize for the misinformation.

Sharing our guide on how to unlock Ash's Pikachu in the newest installment of the Pokemon game Series: Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon (USUM)

Ash’s Pikachu Event Extended

Pokémon Sun and Moon is giving players a second chance to get Ash’s Pikachu in the game. If you haven’t heard about it, this particular Pokémon release serves as a promotional event for the franchise’s 20th movie release titled Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!

Ash's Pikachu

Ash’s Pikachu

Previously, those who viewed the film were given a special QR code to obtain Ash’s Pikachu. The Pokémon’s hat design changes every week based on the anime series’ story progression. For Example, the original hat (the one Ash wore in the Kanto and Johto regions) lasted for only a week. It moved to another design (Ash’s Hoenn region hat) the succeeding week.

Unlocking Ash’s Pikachu (Current Method)

Ash's Pikachu QR Code

Ash’s Pikachu QR Code

To obtain Ash’s Pikachu this time around, players need to go to the Mystery Gift menu and input the code “PIKACHUM20” on a copy of Sun or Moon. You will see Pikachu on the menu wearing Ash’s iconic hat. The M20 hat is the last variation of Ash’s hat that Pikachu can wear and is a combination of the League Expo and Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon design.

Players who attend the screening of the “Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!” movie in Japan can obtain the QR Code that allows them to obtain Ash Cap Pikachu on Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon like the one detailed on the picture above.

Ash's Pikachu Delivery Man

The Delivery Man in Pikachu Valley

To claim Ash’s Pikachu, you need to travel to the Pikachu Valley located at “Route 4” on Akala Island. Look for the delivery man to receive the Pokemon. Make sure that you have space in your party, then save your game.

Obtaining Pikashunium Z

Ash's Pikachu Pikashunium Z

Pikashunium Z

Pikashunium Z is a Z-Crystal specially made for Ash’s Pikachu. Once you let Ash’s Pikachu hold the Z-Crystal , it converts its regular Thunderbolt into a “10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt” Z-Move in battle. To obtain the Z-Crystal, look for a specific Pikachu on the farthest right area (in front a woman) in Pikachu Valley. Using this Z-Move definitely leaves your opponent “shocked” when you use it against them.

Surfing Pikachu

You will obtain a surfing Pikachu once you defeated all of the high scores of the four different Mantine Surf courses. Once you successfully defeat the high scored, you’ll be told to go to the Surfing Association Office that’s located in Heahea City. Once you speak to the man inside, he will then give you the Pikachu that is able to use the move Surf.

To know more about the Surfing Pikachu and Pikachu altogether, here are some useful links down below:

Game Trailer


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  1. Hey so, I tried this and my Ultra Moon said that it cannot recieve this Gift by the code or password. Is there something I did wrong? I entered the code right and did as the instructions said.