Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Pickup Obtainable Items List: Guide

Take a gander at our Pickup Obtainable Items List guide to know which Pokemon can help you collect those valuable items.

Pickup Obtainable Items List

Note: The obtainable items list was taken from Pokemon Sun and Moon. We will be updating this as we go along.

Whenever a Pokemon with the ability “Pickup” occupies one of the slots in the party, there is a chance for it to obtain an item after battle. The chance and type of item obtained through pickup depends on the level of the Pokemon. This method only works if the Pokemon with “Pickup” is not yet holding an item.

Be sure to bring multiple Pokemon with the “Pickup” ability and check the party list frequently after each battle.

Potion Super Potion Hyper Potion Ether
Elixir Max Elixir Repel Escape Rope
Antidote Full Heal Full Restore Max Revive
PP UP Rare Candy Great Ball Ultra Ball
Moon Stone Sun Stone Prism Scale Destiny Knot
Leftovers Pearl String Balm Mushroom Small Mushroom
Big Nugget Nugget Heart Scale

Pokemon with the ability Pickup

Pokémon Where to find
Alolan Meowth Melemele Island: Route 2, Trainer’s School
Ula’ula Island: Malie Garden
Pikipek Melemele Island: Route 1
Akala Island: Route 4, Route 5
*Its Hidden Ability “Pickup”
Munchlax Melemele Island: Route 1
(requires Ride Pager Tauros)
Lillipup Akala Island: Paniola Ranch, Route 4, Route 5

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