Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - How to Get TM75 Swords Dance

This page contains a guide on how to get TM75 Swords Dance in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, including the location and conditions to be met in the game.

TM75 Swords Dance

Swords Dance is a Normal-type move that increases the Pokemon’s Physical Attack by two stages. The Normalium Z can power up this move into Z-Swords Dance to reset all of the Pokemon’s lowered stats.

In Online Battles, Swords Dance is a very popular move. The method of obtaining this Technical Machine (TM) has been changed from Pokemon Sun and Moon. This guide explains how to get Swords Dance in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

How to Get TM75 Swords Dance in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon

You can get TM75 Swords Dance from a trainer called Actress Meredith in Poni Meadow. However, she will not appear unless you meet the conditions indicated below.

*Actress Meredith wears a white long-sleeved shirt, glasses and has black hair.

  1. Defeat Actress Meredith in Melemele Meadow on Melemele Island.
  2. She will appear on the right side of the flower bed on Royal Avenue on Akala Island. Defeat her there as well.
  3. Defeat her in Ula’ula Meadow on Ula’ula Island.
  4. Clear the game (defeat the Elite Four and League Champion).
  5. Defeat Actress Meredith one last time in Poni Meadow on Poni Island. She will give you TM75 Swords Dance as a reward.

*Note that you will not be able to enter Poni Meadow if you haven’t cleared the game.

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  1. Actually, from my perspective view, Actress Meredith looks like a female Teacher/Office Worker character. However, judging from her spinning around before every battle, I’m assuming that she has changed her personality.

  2. I could not find Actress Hibari, however I found Actress Meredith? She did the same thing. I’m playing Pokémon Ultra Moon so there might be a difference.

    • Ran into the same problem on Ultra Moon. I’m pretty sure that the name is different sure to the version being different and that’s the only difference in regards to the swords dance tm.