Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Pokemon Eggs, Breeding and Hatching

Pokemon eggs can be obtained from Nurseries after leaving two Pokemon with the same egg group or species. Ditto can also breed with any Pokemon in the game.

Pokemon Eggs

In the game, you can get Pokemon eggs from NPCs or from the Pokemon Nursery. Moving allows you to hatch the eggs you are currently carrying. Each egg has a specific number of steps it needs in order to hatch.

Eggs at the Nursery

Leaving your Pokemon at the nursery under the following conditions will give you an egg.

  • The Pokemon parents are both in the same egg group and are male and female.
  • One of the parent is Ditto, of which it can breed with any gender and egg group as well as genderless Pokemon.
    Species Original Trainer NPC Comment
    Same  Different  “The two seem to get along very well!
    Same Same “The two seem to get along.”
    Different Different
    Different Same “The two don’t really seem to like each other very much.”
    Different Egg Groups/Undiscovered Egg Group/ Same Gender “The two prefer to play with other Pokemon more than with each other.”

Pokemon Eggs are easier to obtain if you have parents with the same species and the probability of getting one also increases despite the parents’ ID being different from one another.

Having an oval charm, the chances of finding an egg in the nursery is also increased.

Egg Groups

Egg groups are categories for Pokemon that determine which Pokemon they can breed with. You can get Pokemon eggs if you leave two Pokemon with the same egg groups on the nursery.

Hatching Eggs

Parent 1 Parent 2 Child
Incineroar ♀ Sylveon ♂ Litten
Incineroar ♂ Sylveon ♀  Eevee
Incineroar ♂ Ditto Litten

Number of Steps Required for Hatching

Moving around will allow your Pokemon to hatch. Each Pokemon has a set number of steps that you need to walk before the egg hatches.

Using Taurus or Lapras also counts as you moving.

In the case of Pokemon with region forms like Alolan forms, if the female Pokemon’s form is normal and it is holding an everstone, it will be inherited by the child. Not holding an everstone will result to the child being Alolan form. Alolan female Pokemon will result to the child being Alolan as well.

Breeding Techniques

Pokemon that hatched from eggs can inherit the following abilities from their parent Pokemon.


In the case of Pokemon Parents with different multiple abilities, hidden abilities inherited are only possible if the female parent possesses it or a Ditto.

Parent 1 Parent 2 Hidden Ability Inheritance
Hidden Ability ♀ Normal Ability ♂ Possible
Normal Ability ♀ Hidden Ability ♂ Not Possible
Hidden Ability  ♂ Ditto Possible

Egg Moves

The Egg Moves for Pokemon in the same Egg Groups are already set. Level up moves learned by parents can also be inherited by their children. TM moves cannot be inherited by children.

The child can inherit either moves from its parent. But if there are more than five moves, moves from its father takes more priority than its mother.


The nature of the child is normally determined from the 25 Natures available in the game. However, if one parent possesses an everstone, its nature will be inherited by the child.

If both parents have everstone, they can inherit either of their parents’ nature.

Individual Value

Inherited IV from parent Pokemon are determined at random, but if a parent has a Power Item, they can be guaranteed to be passed down to the child Pokemon.

Power Item Effect
Power Weight The HP IV is guaranteed to be passed down.
Power Bracer The Attack IV is guaranteed to be passed down.
Power Belt The Defense IV is guaranteed to be passed down.
Power Lens The Sp. Attack IV is guaranteed to be passed down.
Power Band The Sp. Defense IV is guaranteed to be passed down.
Power Anklet The Speed IV is guaranteed to be passed down.

If either parent is able to have a hold item, the individual value inheritance from parents will increase from 3 to 5. Combined use of the power item will have no effect.


Offspring of Pokemon also inherit the same ball as their parent Pokemon. If the parents’ species are the same or the other parent is a Ditto, they are inherited as follows.

Combination Inherited Balls
Parents are of the same species ♀ children inherit either parent ball
Parents are heterogeneous ♀ parent ball is inherited
Other parent is ditto The partner of ditto’s ball is inherited.

Master balls and cherish balls are not inherited by children.


Some Pokemon with more than one species are inherited by the species of the female parents. However, in the case of a Ditto parent, the species inherited will be from the partner of the Ditto.

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