Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Akala Island: Walkthrough Directory

This page contains a Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Walkthrough directory for Akala Island, including Lana's Trial, Kiawe’s Trial, Mallow’s Trial and Grand Trial.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon: Akala Island Walkthrough


Akala Island walkthrough
Walkthrough Obtain / Unlock
Lana’s trial Waterium Z / Ride Pager: Lapras / Ride Pager: Mantine
Kiawe’s trial Firium Z / Ride Pager: Charizard
Mallow’s trial Grassium Z / TM43 “Flame Charge” / TM67 “Smart Strike”
Grand trial

Heahea City

  • Head to Heahea City.
  • Find Kukui and Lillie.
  • Talk to Lillie at the front of the boutique.
  • Battle Dexio (Ultra Sun) or Sina (Ultra Moon) in front of the fountain square.

Route 4

  • Head to Paniola Town

Paniola Town

  • Battle Hau.
  • Register the Ride Pager Stoutland.

Route 5

  • Meet Hau and battle Gladion.

Brooklet Hill

  • Take on Lana’s Trial.

Paniola Ranch

  • Get the Waterium Z from Lana.
  • Battle the Ultra Recon Squad.

Route 6

  • At the entrance of the Royal Battle Dome, rescue Happy from the Team Skull members.
  • Defeat the Team Skull members.

Royal Battle Dome

  • Enter the Royal Battle Dome.
  • Battle the Masked Royale inside the Dome.
  • Meet with Hau and Gladion.

Route 7

  • Head to Wela Volcano Park.

Wela Volcano Park

  • Head to the top of the mountain.
  • Meet Captain Kiawe to start his trial.

Route 7

  • Open the gates and go to the station.

Route 8

  • Meet Professor Colress and you will be given the TM43 (Sky Attack)
  • Head to Lush Jungl via Route 5

Lush Jungle

  • Take on Mallow’s trial.
  • Head to Heahea City after the trial.

Heahea City

  • Talk to Lillie and head to Professor Burnet’s Dimensional Research Lab.
  • Go to the 3rd floor and talk to the professor.
  • Talk to Lillie.
  • Listen to the professor about the whereabouts of Olivia.
  • Go outside and head to Diglett’s Tunnel.

Diglett’s Tunnel

  • Meet Olivia at the entrance.
  • Meet the staff of the Aether foundation in the tunnel.
  • Fight the Team Skull members with Hau near the exit.

Route 9

  • Talk to Looker and he will give you a Thunder Stone.

Konikoni City

  • Get Olivia’s letter from the Probopass inside her shop.
  • Head to Memorial Hill via Route 9.

Memorial Hill

  • Defeat the Team Skull member.

Akala Island Outskirts

  • Battle Plumeria.

Ruins of Life

  • Meet the professor and Lillie.
  • Defeat Captain Olivia.

Hano Resort

  • You will be invited to go to Aether Paradise.

Aether Paradise

  • Listen to the stories of the people in the area.
  • Meet Lusamine.
  • Battle the Ultra Beast.
  • Ask Lusamine to arrange a ship going to Ula’ula Island.
  • Go to Ula’ula Island.

Walkthrough Directory

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