Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Totem Stickers Location List

Information on the Totem Stickers and where to get them. Complete the totem sticker set and obtain special totem Pokemon.

Totem Stickers

Totem Pokemon are the Pokemon variants that you battle at the end of every Island Trial. These Pokemon are larger, heavier and stronger than other Pokemon of the same species.

Totem Stickers are a new feature in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon that can be found all over the Alola Region. Collecting these stickers will let you obtain a special Totem sized Pokemon depending on how many you have. Totem sized Pokemon are given by Samson Oak who will give you a call when you’ve collected the correct amount of stickers. Talk to him at Heahea Beach on Akala Island to get your Totem Pokemon.

Stickers are scattered throughout the Alola region. Stickers may be behind or under certain obstacles or items, made hidden by camera angles, or even held by wild Pokemon.

The abilities of Totem Pokemon are the following:

  • Effort Value and having the same techniques as their original counterparts
  • Individual Value is at 3V
  • Nature can be chosen.
  • No longer limited by the Aura you first encounter when you battle them.

List of Totem Sized Pokemon

The list below contains the Totem Pokemon that you encounter throughout the story as you complete the trials.

Pokemon Stickers Available
Gumshoos 20 Ultra Sun
 Raticate 20 Ultra Moon
Marowak 40 Ultra Sun
Araquanid 40 Ultra Moon
Lurantis 50 Ultra Sun
Salazzle 50 Ultra Moon
 Vikavolt 70  Ultra Sun
Togedemaru 70 Ultra Moon
Mimikyu 80 Ultra Sun & Moon
Ribombee 100  Ultra Sun
Kommo-o 100 Ultra Moon

Totem Stickers Locations

  • Most of the Totem Stickers are stuck on the walls.
  • For Totem Stickers floating on the water just press A
  • Sometimes you’ll need to use Tauros’ boulder smashing skill.
  • Play with Sandygast till they reveal a Totem Sticker to you.
No. Map Location
 1 Hau’oli City (Shopping)  Beside the Salon
 2 Hau’oli City (Shopping) Outside Malasada Shop
3 Hau’oli City (Shopping) Pokemon Center (Outside)
 4 Hau’oli City (Shopping)  Ilima’s House (2F; Room)
5 Hau’oli City (Shopping)  Ilima’s House Pool
6 Hau’oli City (Shopping)  Ilima’s House (Outside)
 7 Hau’oli City (Shopping)  City Hall (Outside)
 8 Hau’oli City (Shopping)  City Hall
9  Hau’oli City (Shopping)  Northwest of Police Station
10  Hau’oli City (Marina)  Ferry Terminal (Outside)
11  Hau’oli City (Marina)  Pier
12  Iki Town  Southwest (Requires Tauros)
13  Route 2 Southeast House (Outside)
14 Route 2 Southeast House
15 Route 2 Berry Fields House (Outside)
16 Route 2 Berry Fields House
17 Route 2 Pokemon Center (Outside)
18 Heahea City West Pier
19  Heahea City Hotel West (Outside)
20 Heahea City Hotel East (Outside)
 21 Heahea City Hotel (1F)
22 Heahea City Hotel (3F)
23 Heahea City Surfboard (Outside)
24 Heahea City Game Freak
25 Heahea City Game Freak Building (3F)
26  Heahea City Research Lab South (Outside)
27  Heahea City Research Lab East (Outside)
28 Heahea City Research Lab (behind Burnet’s desk)
29  Paniola Town West
30 Paniola Town Kiawe’s House
31 Paniola Town Kiawe’s House (2F)
32  Paniola Ranch Southeast
33 Paniola Ranch Northwest
34 Route 5 South of Pokemon Center
35  Route 8 Aether Base (Outside)
36  Route 8 Fossil Restoration Center (Outside)
37 Wela Volcano Park Rocks Behind Sign
38 Royal Avenue South
39 Royal Avenue Northeast
40 Battle Royal Dome 1F
41 Battle Royal Dome 2F
42 Konikoni City West
43 Konikoni City Restaurant (1F)
44 Konikoni City Olivia’s Jewelry Shop (2F)
45  Konikoni City Lighthouse Through Diglett’s Tunnel
46 Hano Beach Center Outer Wall
47 Hano Beach Below Sandygast
48  Hano Resort South
49 Hano Resort North Lobby
50 Hano Resort Lobby Southwest Water
51  Malie City Ferry Terminal (Outside)
52 Malie City Apparel Shop (Outside)
53  Malie City Kantonian Gym (Outside)
54  Malie City Community Center
55  Malie City Library (1F)
56  Malie City Library (2F)
57  Malie City (Outer Cape) Recycling Plant (Outside)
58  Malie Garden Northeast
59 Mount Hokulani  On the way
60 Hokulani Observatory Outside
61 Hokulani Observatory Reception
62 Hokulani Observatory Dead End
63 Hokulani Observatory Sophocles Room
64 Route 13 Motel (Outside)
65 Route 13  On a trailer
66  Blush Mountain Power Plant (Outside)
67 Blush Mountain Power Plant
68 Route 14 North
69 Route 14 Front of Abandoned Megamart
70 Route 15 Islet Surfboard (Outside)
71  Route 16 Aether Base (Outside)
72 Ula’ula Meadow Fish from wood path
73 Route 17 Police Station (Outside)
74 Route 17 Police Station
75 Route 17 South of Po Town
76 Po Town Southwest
77 Po Town Pokemon Center (Outside)
78 Po Town Pokemon Center
79 Po Town Shady House East (Outside)
80 Po Town Shady House (1F)
81 Po Town Shady House 2F (Outside)
82  Po Town Shady House West Rocks (Outside) 1
83 Po Town Shady House West Rocks (Outside) 2
84 Po Town Shady House West Rocks (Outside) 3
85  Seafolk Village Southeast Whiscash (Mina’s Ship; Outside)
86  Seafolk Village Southeast Whiscash (Mina’s Ship)
87  Seafolk Village East Gyarados
88 Seafolk Village Northeast
89 Seafolk Village West Wailord (Restaurant)
90 Seafolk Village Southwest Huntail
91 Seafolk Village Southwest Huntail (Outside)
92  Exeggutor Island Under Rock
93 Poni Wilds Southeast
94 Ancient Poni Path Southwest
95 Ancient Poni Path Hapu’s House (Courtyard)
96 Ancient Poni Path Hapu’s House (Kitchen)
97 Ancient Poni Path Hapu’s House (Bedroom)
98  Ancient Poni Path Northeast
99 Ancient Poni Path Hapu’s House (Outside behind well)
100 Battle Tree Entrance

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