Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - Festival Plaza Dye Combinations: Guide

Players have their own colour preferences in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. Wanting to add a little more colour? Here are some Festival Plaza Dye combos!

Festival Plaza Dye Combinations

When the player unlocks the Festival Plaza, players can change the color of their clothes if they receive a white colored fashion piece. As you climb up through the ranks, Sophocles will open new facilities for you to use in the Festival Plaza. However, for those who are truly into Fashion Wars, players can even change the color of their clothes. They just have to go to the Festival Plaza Dye Houses in the to change the color of their clothes.

Each Festival Plaza Dye house has its own set of colors. Each dye has a special team; there are eight dye houses that can dye your clothes into red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, navy blue, and purple. However, players do not need to limit themselves to those. They can also use berries in specific combinations to create the colors of their choice.

List of Festival Plaza Dye Combinations

However, making those dyes are definitely not going to be easy. Need help? Here are some Festival Plaza Dye combinations for you to cheat off from.

Color Berries
Pastel Red Pomeg ×15 Tamato ×15 Cheri ×15
Dark Red Occa ×30 Figy ×30 Liechi ×30
Pastel Yellow Sitrus ×15 Qualot ×15 Grepa ×15
Dark Yellow Aspear ×30 Iapapa ×30 Wacan ×30
Pastel Green Hondew ×15 Rawst ×15 Lum ×15
Dark Green Aguav ×30 Salac ×30 Rindo ×30
Pastel Blue Kelpsy ×15 Oran ×15 Maranga ×15
Dark Blue Passho ×30 Yache ×30 Coba ×30
Pastel Orange Leppa ×15 Kee ×15 Sitrus ×15
Dark Orange Chople ×30 Charti ×30 Shuca ×30
Pastel Navy Blue Apicot ×15 Kelpsy ×15 Chesto ×15
Dark Navy Blue Passho ×30 Coba ×30 Payapa ×30
Pastel Purple Chesto ×15 Wiki ×15 Ganlon ×15
Dark Purple Kasib ×30 Colbur ×30 Payapa ×30
Pastel Pink Pecha ×15 Persim ×15 Mago ×15
Dark Pink Mago ×30 Petaya ×30 Roseli ×30

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