Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon - How to Find the IV Judge: Guide

The IV judge is an ace trainer that determines the Individual Value of your Pokemon. You can find it in the Battle Tree after completing the story.

How to Find the IV Judge

This NPC tells the individual value (or IV) of a designated Pokemon. You can ask him about specific individual values of Pokemon.

In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, after hatching 20 or more eggs and defeating the Elite Four, head for the Battle Tree. Look for the Judge near the reception area. Talk to the IV Judge.

Although the Judge doesn’t tell you the numerical value, you can easily discern what he’s trying to say. A judgment of V (IV 31) is the highest individual value. U (IV 30) is just one point below V. The individual values of 1 to 15 are separated from IV 0. It’s possible to determine what IV is necessary for battle.

Also, there are unique comments on a Pokemon’s stats after using Hyper Training. Even if you use Hyper Training, however, it does not mean that you will have the highest IV comment.

IV Judge’s Comments by Individual Value

Individual Value Comment
31 (V) Best
30 (U) Fantastic
26-29 Very Good
16-25 Pretty Good
1-15 Decent
0 (Reverse V) No Good
After Hyper Training It came!

After Finishing IV Breeding

After finishing IV Breeding, you can then train your EV. Effort values are points that affect the stats of the Pokémon. These values have a minor effect during Story progression but is relevant when participating in Wi-Fi Rating battles.

Pokémon can contract a rare virus called the Pokerus. When affected with this condition, the Pokémon can earn double the amount of Effort Values during battle.

Below are other features in the game that players may want to learn about after getting familiar with EV breeding.

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